January 30, 2001  
blogger is fucking up again..... haha<< funny ebonics.
also, this one That ones not suitable for children though, even though its funny shit.

Ah, I had my first day of year 9 today. It was a pretty good day. 4/5 new people came from the local school. Just thought you should know. Yr. 9 seems alot more fun then yr. 8. more choices, more people etc. etc
January 29, 2001  
i am p/oed at thespark.com tests.

It said I'm 58% slut!!!

In another test, it said I will lose my virginity at 18, in my lovers bed, and I will have sex with 6 people in life, 5 being guys, 1 being a girl!!! And I will love 2 of the people I have sex with, doesn't say which 2 though. It also says that someone I know wants me, yeah whatever!!!

I'm a bit annoyed cuz I found out one of my good friends doesn't like me because I'm always bitchy. Well, I can't help it, I just am around guys!
ah! Yay, people are posting alot more at renegade (thats my group blog, which is heaps better then this)
now, I have to find a better layout to put here, cuz this is gonna be my personal blog, heres some crap I wrote the other day:

I'm offline as I write this, anyway here goes:

Its 12:22 am on Sunday. Day after tommorow I have to start school again, that totally sucks.
Well, its good that I've gotten used to it gradually with the summer production school, but still my body is in "holiday mode" ie: going to bed at 3am, waking up at 11:30am, (which may seem early to all you rebels out there, but for me its late) My bodyclock has got me into a fair bit of trouble, cuz I don't wake up to my alarm at 8am any more, I just miss it so I arrive 2 hours late to rehearsal. How slack of me.
I've spent the last 40 minutes reading all of http://danielle.pitas.com She doesn't archive her entries alot, so I read the whole friggin' page cuz her life is so much more interesting then mine. She's a half-asian, activist, language-infatuated, home schooled 16 year old, and I dunno, she just really intrigues me. She's really smart and universal. Haha, I'm saying this stuff about her, and I've never even met the girl, only read ONE page about here. No, but don't you ever feel like that? Once you read someones diary online, when they have indepth entries, you just feel like you know them and what they're like? I do. People probably don't feel it about me though, cuz my attention span is so short I have really crap entries that last about 2 lines. I'm listening to Debolah Morgan.

My 2 fave songs right now are "The Itch" by Vitamin C and "AM Radio" by Everclear. I'm such a teenybopper, although in real life I'd never admit it. Oh well, I don't care, honestly my taste in music changes alot. Right now I love rock, and teenybopper songs trying to sound really bad and saucy! (aka The Itch by Vitamin C & Stronger by Britney Spears) Its so cute.

I was talking to M on the phone today and I was saying that if we were in Batman & Robin, I'd be the sugary sweet angelic sidekick to two-face and she'd be the devilish, glittery, black-robed evil one. So I'm the angel and she's the devil.

But thats not really "stylish" is it? To be angelic. Every girl rants about anything & everything, and reckon they're soooooo bad, and trying to be controversial, when all they're doing is making people disrespect them because they dissagree with other people for the sake of it. Thats like a few weeks ago at a Caravan Park, I was hanging out with some friends and this group of guys about my age walked past and there was only one girl in the whole group, and I looked at her, just for a sec, and she just greased me off and said "What the fuck are you looking at?" Jeez, its people like that, who's outer image is really weak and its obvious that they are more insecure then anyone else.

I always try to be what other people decide is cool. Fuck that, from now on, I'll be me. haha, I should ALWAYS be me. I won't keep up to it though. I'm a bit of a sheep I have to admit it.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm sorta glad to go back to school, different schedule as everyone else, so I want see the exact same people all the time, and I'm in a relatively good class with mostly nice people. I also have some cool subjects too that I've wanted to do since year 7, plus some of them are combined yr 9 & 10 classes, so I could get to know some new people.
I gotta get into some good books though, by shutting up and not expressing my opinion or crapping on about pathetic jokes whenever I get the chance. year 9 and 10 are quiet year levels, I've observed. Not until year 11 or 12, when I can go spastic again, like in year 7. I miss being a kid. In so many ways it feels as if I'm lost part of my youth. Maybe it was being with a 25 year old. I should be going out with guys my own age.

I reckon it'd be really wicked if I could go into the 50's for a day or two, when if I'm going out with a guy, the most controversial thing he'd do is hold my hand, not ask for a head job! I know this guy who's 14 and he's been with his g/f for 6 months and the furthest he's gotten with her is a french kiss/get/pash/open mouth/whatever you want to call it.

AWWWW, that is SO adorable, I mean he's horny like other guys but doesn't act on his hormones. He's such a gentlemen, his g/f is really lucky to be with him. Or WAS until I found out she cheated on him. What a dog! If she reckons all other 14 year olds are gonna keep their hands to themselves like him, I'll be the first to confront her and rip her from her fairytale. Why can't it be like the 50's again? Guys are innocent and sweet and bought everything for the girl, (haha, I'm so cheap)
Right now I'm listening to Kill you by Eminem. Its really good.

I still don't know exactly what R&B is.

Ah, better go, its 12:50. I've been writing for 28 minutes. Better go to sleep now, gotta get used to school bodyclock again.
January 28, 2001  
why is blogger a bitch when it wants to? heres a dream I had last night

I went to the body shop in Southland, asking for job, Shop assistant and Manager talked to me heaps, showed me what to do, basicallly got the job.

I found out it was a double dream, because the next day,the shop assistant and manager was the same people, but they gave job to a friend of mine, but I forget who it was, and they got free stuff amd gave it to Eve.

I then went to IGA in centre road, and I asked for check out job, but only got stacking job. I rejected that, and went to spencer street. in search for a job.

I went to spencer, but it wasn't spencer, but it had a roof like DFO, and massive sections that were either David Jones or Myer.

Saw a wooden classic sorta bar with no windows, Heathridge or something. It looked really nice.

There was a hall next to bar like Batemans Doctor plaza, but with cafe booths to the left and toilets doors, I saw Clare M there, and she ran away.

I kept on walking down the street, saw David Jones Pets, on big main plateau, 2 oversized tigers, heaps of domestic cats, and peacocks. On sign it said, TIGERS, CATS AND DODOS. No dodos though, but the others were stuffing around, then all fell asleep on each other. SO CUTE!!!

I went to Myer Babies. All baby junk, and playgrounds for toddlers, really safe. how to get the baby from one end of the playground to the other, with help of a map, Kate studying map. I ran near the end and found a lil baby boy, in blue who could walk, so he was atleast 18 months old, but still as small as Adina (M's little sis) no mum around him,
I helped him walk over the playground, and he went the wrong way a few times so I helped him get to the "boat" "blue bar boat frame with a steering wheel. I then picked him up and cradled him in my arms, afraid he'd poop on me.he didn't, and I loved holding him, and then Kate goes up to me with a red top and black knee length skirt which she wasn't wearing before, and said "What do you think? The skirt is $20 from David Jones". It looked like my knee length black tattoo skirt but Kates didn't have the tattoo.

** note: what was weird when I woke up the next day, Kate was wearing a red top and a black skirt, but the skirt was about 4 inches above the knee. FREAKY!!!!!!
January 27, 2001  
its all out of proportion! gtg!!!!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm very frustrated right now, cuz my sis has been spending ages on bloody MSN talking to some stupid lil shit who reckons she's 15 but she's not, she talks like a 2 year old on pot, dammit. And I need to finish the layout!
I've half finsihed it, cuz my sisters being a little shit so I can't finish it
its not working, I don't like this one bit!
This totally bites, how come blogspot can't just accept the fact that I'm gonna change layouts, jesus, this is peeving me off majorly!
Anyone who reads this who has msn, add me as capricorngirly@hotmail.com.

Its a gay address I know, but everyone's is I s'pose
this sucks, the layout doesn't work!
k, the layout here is really gay so I'm gonna change it to the one on my old pitas.com blog (http://renegade.pitas.com)
I would of had renegade here but it was taken :(
haha, I'm on msn, just chatting to Jess. She's nice, were talking about netball injuries.

hmm, intrigueing
Lalala, testing my new blog, if it works, well then, I'm just so goddam special aren't I?
Its about time I made a real blog, not just a pitas.com or scribble one.


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