January 28, 2001  
why is blogger a bitch when it wants to? heres a dream I had last night

I went to the body shop in Southland, asking for job, Shop assistant and Manager talked to me heaps, showed me what to do, basicallly got the job.

I found out it was a double dream, because the next day,the shop assistant and manager was the same people, but they gave job to a friend of mine, but I forget who it was, and they got free stuff amd gave it to Eve.

I then went to IGA in centre road, and I asked for check out job, but only got stacking job. I rejected that, and went to spencer street. in search for a job.

I went to spencer, but it wasn't spencer, but it had a roof like DFO, and massive sections that were either David Jones or Myer.

Saw a wooden classic sorta bar with no windows, Heathridge or something. It looked really nice.

There was a hall next to bar like Batemans Doctor plaza, but with cafe booths to the left and toilets doors, I saw Clare M there, and she ran away.

I kept on walking down the street, saw David Jones Pets, on big main plateau, 2 oversized tigers, heaps of domestic cats, and peacocks. On sign it said, TIGERS, CATS AND DODOS. No dodos though, but the others were stuffing around, then all fell asleep on each other. SO CUTE!!!

I went to Myer Babies. All baby junk, and playgrounds for toddlers, really safe. how to get the baby from one end of the playground to the other, with help of a map, Kate studying map. I ran near the end and found a lil baby boy, in blue who could walk, so he was atleast 18 months old, but still as small as Adina (M's little sis) no mum around him,
I helped him walk over the playground, and he went the wrong way a few times so I helped him get to the "boat" "blue bar boat frame with a steering wheel. I then picked him up and cradled him in my arms, afraid he'd poop on me.he didn't, and I loved holding him, and then Kate goes up to me with a red top and black knee length skirt which she wasn't wearing before, and said "What do you think? The skirt is $20 from David Jones". It looked like my knee length black tattoo skirt but Kates didn't have the tattoo.

** note: what was weird when I woke up the next day, Kate was wearing a red top and a black skirt, but the skirt was about 4 inches above the knee. FREAKY!!!!!!

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