February 28, 2001  
Yay! I finally found yi's site. Its HERE<<< Its made by 2 girls at my school. Well actually one left at the end of this year :( She's Amanda, The other one, who still goes to my school is called Yi, or actually her English name is Joanne, but I always call her Yi, I'm just used to it. Anyway, Yi's really good at drawing, she did me a portrait, its not on her site, cuz I've got it, (I know, I'm so self-centered) but heres an example of her drawing:
and also
hmmmmmmmmmmm. I want a digital camera, ot least a scanner
i'm in multimedia at school. And the email doesn't work. poo. I wish the digital camera worked better, like with disks, instead of taking ages to load each picture. AAARGH!!! Still trying to get hosted. I love typical.net It has a new layout. Finally. No offence but the old one was up for ages. I loved that pixelated one. That was gorgeous!!!!!!
February 26, 2001  
yummy page at vibrant hope i get hosted.
this is a gonna be a regular for me now.
yummy webpages everywhere. sparked.nu, notquite.org,heartsugar.com,meg's log. Megs log is really funny. Hey...... on sparked.nu and lots of other pages, how do you make that overlapping text links thing? On sparked, it says mira,sparked,links,studs,ubb,gbook. I love that layout, I'm glad they won in the domain deathmatch. No offence to the owners of dazed.org but I'm glad that sparked won.

Hmm, what I'm saying reminds me abit of the ad for "Almost famous" where the guy asks the girl "Don't you talk to normal people" (ie. unhosted people) and the girl replies "Famous people (ie. domain owners) are just more interesting."

I wish I owned a domain, vanilla.nu

I think thats already taken though. Dammit. I want a new email. capricorngirly@hotmail.com is so crap. Ihave about 70 people on my msn messenger list.
I love the link buttons on notquite.org. Gorgeous. Sorry I'm doing this entry weird, in English today we were told just to write about anything, without thinking, or having to link them together. Just to write random thoughts.
I stuffed up a message between 2 friends. And a girl doesn't like me. She's being a bitch. How dare she. I rock dammit. Nah, just kidding, I don't really. I suck. I want to be hosted so I can get into an ftp account properly! I'm talking to some yummy boys on msn.
February 25, 2001  
Ok, new idea for my birthday present, black candy wedges, (around $60 I think), Everclear album, Eminem album (marshall mathers) and The Sims
i went to the dance party last night, and it was pretty good. The only bad things were that it was really packed, and i didn't pick up :(
February 19, 2001  
i have to make my own sparkly top for a dance party i'm going to on saturday. I'll get discounted if I show up in bathers but I don't have the body to do that
another damn heatwave. last weeks weather was good, it was cold. I'm jealous of british people, they get coldness. I love that. I really should start doing homework, it sorta helps u get through school. Or atleast pass.

I'm talking to people on MSN. I got grand theft auto from download.com and I love it again. Hmm, love is used too often as a word. I think so anyway. So is hate.
February 16, 2001  
now, I really want the everclear album.
I can tell that Dad will probably refuse to buy me any birthday presents even though it was over a month and a half ago, so I personally think that there should be some compensation, or interest perhaps. Like $5 extra on the gift, every week after its the due birthday.
I'm watching Mousehunt right now. I love corny family movies. I cried @ school today. I know, I'm so weirdly emotional. Damn PMT.
Lately I've been hooked on Sim City 2000, I luv that game. I'm downloading Grand Theft Auto again right now.

Ah, my breath still smells like Sushi from international cuisine today. We're studying Japan this week (well duh!) and I want that lemonade thing.
I'm annoyed, and I don't know what at. life. it sucks. deal with it.
February 12, 2001  
i want the everclear album. maybe I'll get Dad 2 buy it for me. besides, he owes me a birthday present for the 1st Jan anyway
napster is fucking up again

I'm sick and I'm missing school, I feel dizzy so I shouldn't be on the net, but oh well I am I guess. I' m not making much sense am I?
I missed out on Desktop Publishing to go home. that sucks. I was really looking forward to desktop publishing.
I've been a bitch to heapsa my friends from school lately. They know who they are, and I just want to say that I'm sorry. Blame it on PMS and a cold. Damn, being sick makes you feel all icky!!!!!! I want more aim buddy icons. they rock!!! Here's a cool page with .wav files on it. I wish my microphone worked. I also wish I had MS photodraw. They have that on the school computers, and now I want it on mine. I also want any Sim games, like the Sims, Sim City, Sim Town, Sim City 2000, and the list goes on and on.
I have to go sniff some Vicks inhalers and watch the first episode of the new series of friends cuz I missed it.
Thats the one good thing about new school years. The new shows come back!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched popstars last night, before that, Shipwrecked 2, and tonight, Survivor 2. Thats cool, Survivor being in the desert. I don't know why, it just seems nice. I think I'm addicted to reality shows, even though half of them are actually scripted.

gtg and soon I should write letters to nice Sydney ppl, and do Homework and watch friends. <3 Emma
p.s. the melbourne heat wave has passed, YAY!!! But my nose is still getting very pink. And I need to learn how to do good poetry!!!
February 07, 2001  
why can't msn have cool themes like yahooligans? Ok, I know its a kids program, but I'm still sorta a kid. 14 is not that old!!! Its 38 dgree weather and it drains all my energy. I went to 2 pools today and I'm going to 2 pools 2moro. I get to go in school. so that should be fun :) made a few new friends from school
February 03, 2001  
damn its hot today. I'm just bumming around the house in my cossies/bathers/togs/swimmers. Jeez, there's so many names for them. I was talking to a friend on the phone be4 and she was really drunk, in a funny way. It was hilarious. I wish I could of taped it, and played it later for her when she's sober.

Hahahaha! Drunks are SOOOOOOOOO funny!
February 02, 2001  
I want to be hosted here. Its a damn good layout. Makes me want to eat oranges.
Hey, the dude atdirtywhiteboy linked me cuz I linked his virtual sex thing. haha, thats funny.

I've started school again, its pretty good, seems totally different, because this year I actually look forward to heaps of subjects cuz they're the ones I CHOSE!!!! But I'm only in 1 elective with Michelle, friend of mine, and only one with Sheona, another friend. There are some new girls, and they're mostly pretty nice.

It was funny today, in International Cuisine, we were eating really spicy Indonesian food, and I know this sounds weird, but I could feel it tingle in my ears. I said this out loud, and Sarah, another friend, was drinking water and nearly burst out laughing. It was really funny, she almost choked. I'm such a weirdo I know.


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