February 02, 2001  
I want to be hosted here. Its a damn good layout. Makes me want to eat oranges.
Hey, the dude atdirtywhiteboy linked me cuz I linked his virtual sex thing. haha, thats funny.

I've started school again, its pretty good, seems totally different, because this year I actually look forward to heaps of subjects cuz they're the ones I CHOSE!!!! But I'm only in 1 elective with Michelle, friend of mine, and only one with Sheona, another friend. There are some new girls, and they're mostly pretty nice.

It was funny today, in International Cuisine, we were eating really spicy Indonesian food, and I know this sounds weird, but I could feel it tingle in my ears. I said this out loud, and Sarah, another friend, was drinking water and nearly burst out laughing. It was really funny, she almost choked. I'm such a weirdo I know.

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