February 16, 2001  
now, I really want the everclear album.
I can tell that Dad will probably refuse to buy me any birthday presents even though it was over a month and a half ago, so I personally think that there should be some compensation, or interest perhaps. Like $5 extra on the gift, every week after its the due birthday.
I'm watching Mousehunt right now. I love corny family movies. I cried @ school today. I know, I'm so weirdly emotional. Damn PMT.
Lately I've been hooked on Sim City 2000, I luv that game. I'm downloading Grand Theft Auto again right now.

Ah, my breath still smells like Sushi from international cuisine today. We're studying Japan this week (well duh!) and I want that lemonade thing.
I'm annoyed, and I don't know what at. life. it sucks. deal with it.

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