February 26, 2001  
yummy webpages everywhere. sparked.nu, notquite.org,heartsugar.com,meg's log. Megs log is really funny. Hey...... on sparked.nu and lots of other pages, how do you make that overlapping text links thing? On sparked, it says mira,sparked,links,studs,ubb,gbook. I love that layout, I'm glad they won in the domain deathmatch. No offence to the owners of dazed.org but I'm glad that sparked won.

Hmm, what I'm saying reminds me abit of the ad for "Almost famous" where the guy asks the girl "Don't you talk to normal people" (ie. unhosted people) and the girl replies "Famous people (ie. domain owners) are just more interesting."

I wish I owned a domain, vanilla.nu

I think thats already taken though. Dammit. I want a new email. capricorngirly@hotmail.com is so crap. Ihave about 70 people on my msn messenger list.
I love the link buttons on notquite.org. Gorgeous. Sorry I'm doing this entry weird, in English today we were told just to write about anything, without thinking, or having to link them together. Just to write random thoughts.
I stuffed up a message between 2 friends. And a girl doesn't like me. She's being a bitch. How dare she. I rock dammit. Nah, just kidding, I don't really. I suck. I want to be hosted so I can get into an ftp account properly! I'm talking to some yummy boys on msn.

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