March 09, 2001  
I just tied my hair back, without bobby pins, not high, low as possible, no bun, and it looks very official. Ah!!!!!!!! Its 10:04 pm and I feel so sleepy. Today I had food art and I fucked up making my gingerbread house, I was supposed to just cut it straight away, but I oulled it apart first, and THEN I was told that I wasn't supposed to do that.
This girl at school who is normally a bitch to me is suddenly being nice to me, not suspiciously nice, she doesn't hang around me or anything, but she's just nicer. I can't believe it, Sheona left today with her parents for a long-weekend holiday at lunch and she didn't even say GOODBYE!!!! I had singing and choir today and I just felt like I was stuffing up. Me and Erin always try to outsing eachother, but she always wins. Is it just me, or does that Mira girl look great in this picture. It seems pretty funny, getting dolled up for a webcam though.
Ooh, I'm going to a dance party tommorow night, that should be fun, but there's gonna be a fight, yeah, I've never actually seen a fight, well not between gangs anyway or shit like that. But I honestly reckon its pathetic whenever you don't like someone to say to them "I know the gang, I can get you bashed". Do your own dirty work dammit. We still haven't finished the debate in Humanities. And I got some amusing hate mail today. 2 letters actually. Because on the school email system, everyone uses it to send to everyone else to say, "Oh, hi everyone." and "I lost my ......" and we NEED those email accounts so teachers can send homework and bulletins and shite like that to it. So anyways, I KNOW its hypocritical but I sent an email to everyone saying "Please stop clogging up the inbox". I got a few good replies, and today I got 2 bad replies. One of them, the girl actually sent Reply all and sent it to the whole school (very smart, you dickhead) saying Piss off they can send whatever they want and the other email I will publish on here asap. I still haven't got a reply from the girly at Maybe I should go to be hosted at My faith is wearing off.... This has been one damn long blog. I just realised that the aussie version of aim sorta, is msn I have two accounts, it should be on the left hand side, but I'm mostly on MSN. Oh, not many people are on msn, lol, except for mira, josh, Brett , and every one at the aim clique. Maybe I should start a similair one for MSN.
Anyways, different people intrigue me. I don't think I'd be able to live with myself if I weren't me. Ah, thought of wisdom. I want a semi-boy friend.

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