March 01, 2001  
I'm so happy, I figured out the case in cyber sleuths, it was the perfume guy who kidnapped Ariana, and accidentallly dropped some sleeping pill crushings in her bedroom, then pu th rest in the water, ooooh! Speyshal! The teacher said I'm not allowed to tell anyone else but I have already told about 3 other people. I might be going to metro this weekend. That should be fun. Although, I've been told its shit.

Also, I've practically finished the layout. Its so yummy isn't it? I want to get the domain, its not taken.
To cure boredom, go to heromachine, you can make your own hero, or stor. you can make a cartoon character, or barbie, you can make your own barbie. Or even customatix where you can make your own freakin' shoes!!! Ah, I love making stuff. Please comment on this post, even if its just to say YO!!!!

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