March 31, 2001  
well thats it. tonight is the last performance of Pirates. Today is my Dads birthday. I woke up today and no-one was home. Its like they forgot I was part of the family. I didn't get my Dad anything. Oh well, he knows that I'm dead broke. I'm in debt to almost everyone I know, and everyone else won't lend me money cuz they know I won't pay it back. I'm such a retard. I need a new layout but I have mental block. I need more hits, and more guestbook entries. I need to hurt myself but I don't know how. My eyes are in pain. Mum says I might have conjuctivitis. (sp?) stage make up gives me heaps of pimples. I want to fal lin love. I've got a new boyfriend since last time I mentioned it. The last boyfriend I never even met. This one, I met at a party, so I know he's real. Is chasers really closing down? I need answers people. and I need to learn how to rave properly. I need money. I'm such a naggy bitch I've gotten into fights with heaps of my best friends. and yes, I did steal the pic of the flower from

sue me, I dare ya. goodnight everyone, and get stuffed.

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