April 23, 2001    
I love him!
April 16, 2001  
hey guys, DON'T COME HERE ANYMORE!!!!! I HAVE COMPLETELY MOVED TO lifesnotpeachy.net/emma/ ok? cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 11, 2001  
want to look at a bunch of pictures I have made/edited/done something with?

p.s. anyone who wants to screw around with a free account of ftp, I strongly reccomend i8 (part of 50 megs)
April 10, 2001  
I'm just having a trial page at blissful.i8.com, see it, I'm just very bored. This morning I went shopping with my sister at Just Jeans and I bought denim flares, with pink stitch. I love them, and I have some time on my hands, so now I'm gonna write some of my story and also write a letter to a friend in Sydney.
April 08, 2001  
well, on friday, it was the last day of school for the term, so I was very happy. I finished my gingerbread house, and as soon as I got it back I broke it so I wouldn't have to walk a mile with a gingerbread house! Anyway, I went to my friends house after school, and just... um hung out there. And that night, I went to Luna Park! Yeah, fun fun fun! and got photos done! Damn, I want a camera bad! Why is the world obsessed with sex? I don't get it, I just think its pathetic. So many people don't like me, its hard to begin a list. I need to go to a chiropracter for my neck. But now my Mums got me really worried, because she said they don't have guarantees so if they break my neck, there is nothing they can do about it! That sucks. ooh, I got hosted again at lifesnotpeachy.net (hopefully, she doesn't pull out of hosting me, like many others have done!
April 05, 2001  
NEW LAYOUT!!!! FINALLY! YEAH!!!!! what do y'all think?
April 03, 2001  
Look at this guestbook! You can make your own dolls when u sign! how gorgeous, I just LOVE make your own doll websites or programs! They rawk! Like PlayFkiss, The Palace, and some 3D site, which I forget the address to. Oh well. Only 3 days left of school before HOLIDAYS!!!! YEAH!!!


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