September 29, 2001  
dammit i'm pissed off. I just wrote a really long, informative, smart sounding, (you get the idea) entry and my gay-ass, ancient piece of shit excuse for a computer froze.
I'll try to recollect what I wrote now, but it won't be the same, as I'm somewhat angrier now.

today has been a big day and I'm starting to think if it would have been better if I had just stayed in Dromana till Sunday or even Friday as the original plan was. I came home early because I was supposed to go to the show, but on friday arvo, he (name not given for privacy reasons... also legal, y'know he has enough stalkers as it is) got very sick, something bad about his throat or whatnot and cancelled for saturday. I'm a bit bummed about that, but hey theres always next year. Besides, I don't have much money to spend anyway.
To update you since the last entry, yes as you have probably already gathered, I did end up going to Dromana with my friend but came back Wednesday because I missed alot of people.
Today is a big day for the civillians of melbourne, it was that time of year again to act all patriotic for your team, either Essendon or Brisbane Lions. Brisbane Lions won, but I wasn't there. There were hardly any cars, they were probably all at home watching the game. Heh, Aussie Rules. How ridiocolously patriotic is that of Australians to actually call a game "Aussie Rules". one word: stupid.
Of course, my family, being the ockas they are, were all out celebrating the last match of the year where fully grown men run around in short shorts, whilst 91,482 people (sorry, channel 7 informed me) crammed into a stadium, paying more then $100 each to yell.
I think I may be one of the only people in Australia not only not be interested in the game, but actually fall asleep in the last quarter of it. I think in my dreams I had Bruce McCavaney commentating on how stupendisiouly great football is. If you want information from less of a cynic then myself then myself and probably more accurate too, go the AFL website.
I think my Dad works for them. Sounds familiar.

Tell you what was fun today. Because the weather was great, my friend and I after seeing American Sweethearts went to the beach down the road, and originally were going to just wade about ankle depth. But before you could say "I love my football" I was down to waist level. Then she accidentally fell forwards and was drenched. So me, being me, pondered if I would get arrested for walking/wading through water in my bra, and theres only one way to see if I can, so I did exactly that, but got some funny stares from people, knowing it was a bra because it was too silky to be bathers. I'm sick of hearing techno. I'm now in the mood for hearing "Teenager of the year" by Lotel.
Maybe thats because I found out one of my friends has been cutting her wrists and throwing up to get skinnier to impress her boyfriend. Bah, I tried to tell her its stupid to starve yourself to look like barbie just to "impress the boys" and that he wouldn't have started going out with you if he didn't like the way you are, but she didn't take it.
She's a very smart girl, not to mention wet-your-pants type of funny, but she needs to learn a few things about the world.

Ok, to finish off this rather lovely and inciteful entry, I'm just gonna give you the basics of what happed when in the last week since I previously wrote
sunday - went to dromana
monday - went swimming and bought a pink jumper
tuesday - shopped and ate alot of sugar
wendesday - came home and went to his house
thursday - reconciled with one of my friends and saw "fast and the furious" in the city, then slept over at her house
friday - went to the city, met friends friend. other friend slept over.
saturday - supposed to go to show, but didn't. grand final day. saw "american sweethearts" went to beach.

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