September 23, 2001  
Hmph, thats all I can say. I'm waiting at home patiently with bags all packed up ready to go for when my dad comes home so he can drive me to dromana. he said he'd be about an hour but knowing him it'll probably take 2 to drag him away from his beloved footy club. bugger that. I'm supposed to be going to Dromana (anyone who lives in Melbourne, thats on the peninsula near Rosebud) with my friend and her family. The whole thing's pretty clumsily planned. I sorta asked her last Thursday if I can come, she said yeah, then on friday she gave me the details, and her family are going up on Saturday, but there isn't enough room in the car, so I said I'd get my Dad to drive me up on Sunday. They're going for 8 days but I have to come back early, cuz I previously promised to go to the show with my boyfriend, so I can't break that. Dad can't pick me up the night before for some strange reason, but on Wednesday, Amelia's Dad is driving back home during the day to check up on his work, so I'm coming back too.

Wait, I haven't got to the best bit yet, last night my sister had her 13th birthday party, and while she was cleaning up the house, she accidentally threw the piece of paper which had the info about the holiday house in it, and she's so blatantly selfish that shes not even bothering to look for it. I suppose I should look for it myself in the bin, but hey, I don't want to get my precious hands dirty do I? lol, so I'm getting my dad to do it when he comes back. For now, I'll just look on tables...

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