October 05, 2001  
bah, i think i'll pull my hair out if people around me act like this. Go to opendiary.com and type in luv me im here. she's a friend of mine and I do care about her, but sometimes her lack of motivation and will to live just shits me to tears and she won't do anything about it. I'm talking to 2 friends right now and neither are really saying anything good how to deal with the situation, because I've tried to deal with her in so many ways and one of the worse possible ways is to ignore her and shun her out of my life, because then she really does think she hates you but all I really want is for her to just deal with her problems and not be so negative all the time. I think I'm gonna go email this to her now...
October 04, 2001  
dagnammit, a girl I know does have this address. I have already sworn her to secrecy, so she better not tell anyone or I'll run over to her house (its the next suburb along) and chop off every appendage from her body and then shove wasabi up her ass. I'm such a nice, gentle, caring friend aren't I?
I'm happy as my sister let me borrow her clothes. She NEVER does that, but then again, right now she's wearing my top and my skirt so I think she owes it to me. I tell ya what. All the "popular" girls have either these shoes (in the top left hand corner) or these ones. (in white though). bah, i know, I'm turning into a teenybopper. shoot me.
October 02, 2001  
Egad, its more then halfway through the holidays and I still haven't done a bit of homework. The parents will love that one.
Hpmh, anyway, I went out today, to someones house. We watched videos *wink, wink* and er..... had lunch. No, seriously we did! I had a spring roll. Just thought you'd all be interested in that one. As you may have guessed, I don't feel as descriptive and explanatory as I did last time.
Never make judgements on people from what you hear about them, because everyone feels differently about them and passes their own judgement. And looks may be decieving.
I saw a movie today, 'twas A knights tale with Australias beloved posterboy, Heath Ledger. My friend adores him, me, not so much. Its a really good movie I reckon. Sometimes, medievel times gets a bit annoyingly british, but ah well.
I am... in love.
Yes yes, boo, hiss throw tomatoes at me, I don't care.
But its true. I can't remember who said it, but it was something like "you know you've found true love when you don't want to go to sleep, because reality is better then any dream". I don't want to go fully into detail about it here, people might find this, as I have found theres.
I found out yesterday that one of the people I know respects me alot more and regards me as a closer friend then I thought. I feel special. Very special. I have great friends, great fun on the holidays, and an amazingly wonderfully stupendously (etc) great boyfriend. aaaaaah


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