March 18, 2003  
Yeah, well its 10:22, and never in the history of ever, have I ever felt this tired at 10:22.
I'm in abit of a pickle. See, for my year 11 Drama class, I have to tell a child hood story, but I can't think of any good ones to tell. Doctor Seuss has already been done, and hypocritically enough, I have moral issues with re-telling any of the Grimms Brothers stories. Man, have you ever actually sat down and read some of that stuff? The stuff they tried to pump into kid's heads back in the day. Now a days, everything's censored. Thank god for the lack of freedom of speech. The scariest story in the entire world would have to be undoubtedly Alice in Wonderland. I know the writer was stoned off their nut for the entirity of their lives, but still that doesn't give them the right to talk about all these weird animals. For god's sakes, its promoting pill-popping. No good, no good at all.
It's past my beddy byes, I should be off.
March 17, 2003  
I know this is supposed to be a litle funny blog, because lets face us, thats what gets the hits ey?
But no. My Mum is a bitch. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghen.
I've failed yr 11 Maths because of her. SO what am I doing instead of doing maths? Sitting on the net bitching to a completely faceless being... the internet. Oh, and I did delete something that takes up atleast 3 hours of her day. Freecell. Yes, call me immature if you must, but I am so pissed off at her right now. This sucks major donkey cock. And I mean Major.
I got the drive thru records DVD. *does a happy dance* Oh its great. New Found Glory rock. Now I want to buy the Juliana Theory album. Can anyone tell me if its good? I heard one of their songs, I don't know which one, and it seemed pretty hip-hop-happening. Not really jivin' y'know, but still, comfortable.
March 16, 2003  
Yeah hi.
I'm having a heated email fight with someone who I formerly thought was my friend. But obviously not. I'm trying to take it with a grain of salt anyway.
I went to Coffeehouse on Friday night, Sounds Like Chicken played, and I didn't know they were. They're one of my favorite ska bands... and now they might be playing at my school, I was talking to them afterwards, and they're giggin' whores. Not thats a bad thing. Cough, cough, *ANDROIDS*. They're the guys who sing that song about fucking madonna. One word: Riiiiiiiiight. Anywho, I must be off, I have to analyse youth media representation. Tata.
March 09, 2003  
Well. Darren said I should update this blog. So here I am. Updating. Doi. Enjoy.
Its really quite funny. I'm reading over my old posts. I remember dating Greg, that was more then 2 years ago. And the next boyfriend who reminds me of Rove... yeah I dated him for a year. Criminy this thing is outdated. *fwaps internet*
I'm surprised Blogger haven't gotten rid of my account after inactive use for so long...
Oh my. I've noticed on the net how they have a craze for rating things. Like hotornot but now they've gone to rating poo. Thats just odd. And slightly scary.


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