March 17, 2003  
I know this is supposed to be a litle funny blog, because lets face us, thats what gets the hits ey?
But no. My Mum is a bitch. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghen.
I've failed yr 11 Maths because of her. SO what am I doing instead of doing maths? Sitting on the net bitching to a completely faceless being... the internet. Oh, and I did delete something that takes up atleast 3 hours of her day. Freecell. Yes, call me immature if you must, but I am so pissed off at her right now. This sucks major donkey cock. And I mean Major.
I got the drive thru records DVD. *does a happy dance* Oh its great. New Found Glory rock. Now I want to buy the Juliana Theory album. Can anyone tell me if its good? I heard one of their songs, I don't know which one, and it seemed pretty hip-hop-happening. Not really jivin' y'know, but still, comfortable.

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