March 18, 2003  
Yeah, well its 10:22, and never in the history of ever, have I ever felt this tired at 10:22.
I'm in abit of a pickle. See, for my year 11 Drama class, I have to tell a child hood story, but I can't think of any good ones to tell. Doctor Seuss has already been done, and hypocritically enough, I have moral issues with re-telling any of the Grimms Brothers stories. Man, have you ever actually sat down and read some of that stuff? The stuff they tried to pump into kid's heads back in the day. Now a days, everything's censored. Thank god for the lack of freedom of speech. The scariest story in the entire world would have to be undoubtedly Alice in Wonderland. I know the writer was stoned off their nut for the entirity of their lives, but still that doesn't give them the right to talk about all these weird animals. For god's sakes, its promoting pill-popping. No good, no good at all.
It's past my beddy byes, I should be off.

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