April 08, 2003  
I burnt a whole bunch of CD's today for myself, woop yeah.
Korn - Issues, Ministry of Sound - Chillout Session 2, Something for Kate - Echolalia, No Idea - , Ben Harper, Counting Crows - Hard Candy, and a whole bunch of other stuff I'm sure. I so need a new CD holder.
You know whats funny? The other day I was on the train to Pakenham with a mate, and we saw a 'drive thru petbarn' I thought that was absolutely ludicrously funny. Oh no, a local band I know have like all gone seperate ways. How horrid, how absolutely horrid.
Anyway, I don't have much to say, but listen to track 13 on the chillout session cd.. its that funky song off American Beauty.
April 06, 2003  
I watched a movie yesterday, Donnie Darko. That was one tripped out certifiably weird film.
Its about a guy (Jake Gyllenhall) who's a schizophrenic teenager and has a freaky imaginary friend... a guy dressed up in this hella scary bunny rabbit costume. Don't believe me? Find out for yourself. I'm surprised I didn't have any nightmares last night.
Its so weird, I dare say I'm a normal teenager. My fads and crazy phases are becoming more temperamental. Had anyone of asked me a few months ago what music I love, I would have just said "hardcore rock and punk" but now its a mix between ambient, softrock, alternative, jazz, swing, ska, and mid 90's rock and grunge. What is up with that?
I confuse myself sometimes, but lately I've been into Fiona Apple, she's a lovely girl.

Hmm... five minutes later, and I just turned down a cigarette. Awoopyeah! How good am I?! Also I just joined a message board, the source. Its government run, but it seems pretty ok. Yeah... well I don't really have a hell of alot to say, so keep eating beans, theyr'e good for you!
April 02, 2003  
I had a career estimation test today... i thought my new school wouldn't do that sort of shit, as I had to do so much VCE, Uni, and Careers Reading and probing last year at my old school, which was a private girls school. Hmph.
Anyway, doesn't matter. Hopefully I won't drop out, but in today's society, school is just one of the many options for young people. Ye-heheah!!
I was at a party the other day and heard an aquabats song, its about the earth and the dirt and worms... or something like that. Very eightie's neo-pop. I like it.
Man, so much for not smoking anymore, I bought a deck today... I so hope it'll last me a while.
Here are some funny lines said to/about me and my friends by guys.

"you look beautiful tonight"

"i am a book, and you are a library. Occasionally, people have borrowed me out, but i belong with you... i always come back to the library..."

"yeah, i reckon everyone has atleast one sort of illness or sickness"
"yours is that your too beautiful"

"you are honestly the most beautiful person i've ever laid eyes on..."

"She seems like a nice girl"
"Yes, I'm going to marry her"

"your the 1 true thing
that whenever i see you,
my life just lights up
your presence
makes me wanna live forever"


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