April 06, 2003  
I watched a movie yesterday, Donnie Darko. That was one tripped out certifiably weird film.
Its about a guy (Jake Gyllenhall) who's a schizophrenic teenager and has a freaky imaginary friend... a guy dressed up in this hella scary bunny rabbit costume. Don't believe me? Find out for yourself. I'm surprised I didn't have any nightmares last night.
Its so weird, I dare say I'm a normal teenager. My fads and crazy phases are becoming more temperamental. Had anyone of asked me a few months ago what music I love, I would have just said "hardcore rock and punk" but now its a mix between ambient, softrock, alternative, jazz, swing, ska, and mid 90's rock and grunge. What is up with that?
I confuse myself sometimes, but lately I've been into Fiona Apple, she's a lovely girl.

Hmm... five minutes later, and I just turned down a cigarette. Awoopyeah! How good am I?! Also I just joined a message board, the source. Its government run, but it seems pretty ok. Yeah... well I don't really have a hell of alot to say, so keep eating beans, theyr'e good for you!

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