July 14, 2003  
Blogger is taking ages to load, so I'm doing it the old fashioned way... Old fashioned as in not prehistoric, like WRITING it out. No, I'm typing it out on my Microsoft Notepad, Version 5.1.

I can't believe they got upto version 5.1, I'm sure there hasn't been that many drastic changes over the development of the program. I mean, seirously, its a freaking blank screen, no fonts or anything.
Ok, enough geeky rant for now.
Wait, one more,
I just realised that no-one can comment on my guestbook for the blog, because the account has been inactive for ages, so has become invalid as an account. I'm getting sick of getstring, they keep asking for money. Bloody whingers. I want money too, but I don't ask for it by simply writing a simple guestbook for free use! Sheesh. If they want money, make it compulsary, don't just complain about it.

Ok, NOW its enough computer geek whinging.

Ow, my hand hurts. I'm currently listening to Rufio - Above me. But lately I've been into a few more styles of music. Namely, new-school swing revival, reggae, funk, and emo. They are all great!
I was woken up at 3 pm the other day on holidays by a lady from Channel [V], and just before I cracked the shitties at her telling her not to call me and wake me up at such a ghastly hour (Like all holidays, I become nocturnal, and get aggravated at anyone who tries to interrupt my daily 8-hour sleep). ANYWAY, back to the point, before I yelled at her, she told me that I had won tickets to the John Butler Trio show.
I was a wee bit annoyed cuz my friend chucked a huge party that same night, but I found out later the reason she had it was to get drunk with her friends to get her mind off the fact that she had missed out on SOLD OUT tickets to a fabulous musician.

Today was the first day back at school, exams aren't too far away. *bites nails*

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