July 29, 2003  
Don't you think that really all food looks like something vile?
I don't know, maybe its just beef with peanut topping, it seriously looks like a fresh dump someone has taken right on my Mum's white & blue goose plate. The steams still coming off it! I *know* its just because its been cooked, but for a moment it really did look like the steam was a result of intrathermal body heating. Eww. I have way too much time on my hands don't I? Or is it just dirt under my fingernails?

I've decided that I don't understand poetry, and I never will be able to understand other people's poetry because it came from their head, and knowing me I'd interpret it the wrong way. So why the hell am I doing Literature this year? It doesn't make sense.

I also just realised how goddamn cool some people at my school are. We're 3 weeks into rehearsing "the wiz" and I'm having a ball. (Although I know what its like with school plays, last few weeks of it I'll want to mercilessly slaughter everyone involved) Drama boys (or the politically incorrect "drama fags" are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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