July 16, 2003  
I still haven't done the necessary crapping on about seeing John Butler Trio. I don't think I can really be stuffed crapping on too much, but it really reminded me of my tree-hugging bare-footed political-activist stoner cousin. Alot of JBT's songs are based on nature, and politicalness.
When introducing one song "Bad Boy" (try to locate it, its good quality, or even better, "Better Man") he talked about his friend who became off the rails with drugs and lied to get money for drugs etc. Then he went on to say "But he was off them for a while, but on them for new years, but y'know, its not so bad, a little indulgence once in a while is alright" to which everyone chuckled. That sorta pissed me off, as I'm not on anything. Just alcahol and cigarettes for me.
Ah well, besides that little confusion it was a great night.

I had a funny experience with a hobo too. He tried to steal food from the 7-11 I was at, and when the storeowner confronted him about stealing food, the bloody bastard put me on the spot and said "oh, I did, thats my sister!' I got shitscared and just left giving the storeowner a look saying "No way in hell!"

Ah Guttermouth rock.

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