July 05, 2003  
Sitting at my Dad's work. I've been here for a few hours. Wow, I didn't know that blogger changed its setting out, or maybe its just for Macs. I don'tget Macs. How can you not have another mouse button? Its essential!
I found a new cool site at gleebs.com/schwing/
it looks mad as and the chick who writes it is funny as.

Well what did I do last night? I got trashed as.... and stayed right near the lake. It was great, except for the part where I incessantly hit on my ex boyfriend just wanting to kiss him. But then I found another boy who I really like,w hich was all fine... till my friend pulled off the blanket to reveal partial nudity. For gods sake, we went upstairs into a private little room, and he still feels the need to humiliate me. *sigh* what a bastard.

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