August 31, 2003  
well i'll be a monkeys uncle.

sorry, i have no reason to say that. just because i goddamn well can. 19 hours of work, i'm about to get taxed bad!
ah well, its all good, cuz y'know those little crunchy bits in mcflurrys? I stole a pack of them. Hey look, its my first capital i! did you see it? did ya, huh? I hope this person reads my post
What'd be even more annoying if I capitalised some i's, and i didn't capitalise others.
Or I could be ultimately a shithead, and tYpE Lyk ThIs 0r 1 c0u1d typ3 1i|<3 7hi5

haha, i don't think that last bit even made sense.
August 27, 2003  
Ohmygod, my mother is so strange.
She's always had a bit of a 'thing' to get second hand stuff, raid op shops, pick up furniture from the side of the street (eww enough as it is) but this little quirk just gets stomach churning in relation to what she feeds us.
Today I ate some potato soup kind of thing, and she said "oh it was really funny how I got this originally, a guy carried a bag and this fell off the back of the truck"

YUCK! I'd just eaten some potato that had been on the ground. on the ground. URBAN ground. It was a gross germ infested concrete ridden ground.
Excuse me while I rechurn everything.

August 25, 2003  
Oh I am in a silly mood.
Do you think it's mean to post on a dutch/netherlands (they're all the same to me!) band's website, a whole bunch of words that don't make sense?
Oh well.
My sister and I were feeling a bit retarded (again I go with the random insulting of people with downs syndrome) and it ended up me stabbing her constantly with the blunt end of a pen. Oh yes. Then she stole the pen off me so I started wacking her with a paperback book. Obviously I found a use for these so-called books.
Goddammit I have no idea how I am going to fit into the whole structured 'socially acceptable' normality when I hit university.

Also, musically, I think I'm getting sick of emo. Shock horror. It just makes me want to scream at the stereo "For god's sakes, go to the toilet and do your business already!"
August 18, 2003  
To ________,
I'm sorry.
But I can't continue this friendship. I keep getting screwed around.
I know we've known eachother for along time. But it really is time, to just let go. I hope you get back on track, and maintain a proper life.
I still can't stop shaking. Its like that time at ___'s.
I find it kinda funny, I find it kind of sad, I want to end up there again. In that situation, that hallucination. Either more serious, or shocking. I'm a drama queen. And I don't care anymore.
I know I'm just an ignorant 16 year old. But so are you. you JUST celebrated your 17th Birthday. I'm still surprised your alive. But the way things are going, you won't be for long. I hate being around you and your friends. Your not so bad, but you manipulate me into someone that I'm not.
Your friends are grimy lowdown good for nothing drug dealers and sluts.
Your friend tried to crack onto me. I wouldn't let him touch me. I repetitively told him that I have a boyfriend and I'm not willing to cheat on him. But he insisited. I refused. This got him angry. Surprise Surprise, the next day he ended up stealing my phone.
Maybe this is just karma.
But I don't want to see you in that situation again, and I'll be surprised If I ever actually want to see you again. I still care about you, as a friend though. And I hope you get better. I hope this is all just a phase.

August 14, 2003  
Make that 8 hours 10.
Holy bajeebus its cold outside. Isn't it totally GREAT (note the sarcasm) when just as you get off your bus to walk 3 blocks, rain starts pissing down? And it just so happens to be the day you wear a revealing (some might say skanky) top. I can't complain too much, so far the day hasn't been that bad, and right now its all sunny outside... but I'm not there, instead I'm inside and all I can hear is the repetitive typing on the computer I'm making. *sigh* so much for quitting smokes, I put in money for a quarter of a deck, and whenever I'm bored, I just light up.
This post has proved to be quite irrelevant. Ah, what do you do?
August 09, 2003  
grr. i have to work 8 hours. what a shit.
The gig was last Wednesday, here's what I thought.

FAO put on a pretty rad show, but because the majority of the people there were 13 year old girls with ties and miniskirts, they didn't have any appreciation for anything they haven't heard on fox fm, so they weren't up front for FAO, which was good.
(by the way, i want to exterminate those girls).

everyone were merch whores, i've never seen so many ppl buy that much merch. i was gonna get a nfg girls jacket, but they had 2 stands and i went to one and they didn't have any left, so i went to the other and they had ONE left and i begged the girl to exchange it, but she didn't, and some blonde pink-wearing chick bought it. i wanted to exterminate her too.

NFG came on and played a really powerful set, including songs from 'nothing gold can stay" and from the self titled album, and alot from 'sticks and stones', all their most popular ones, so it was like a big sing along. Jordon and Ian were great... Ian's the fat guy. And he is so goddamn rad.

Pop, punk, whatever you want to call them, Sum 41 came on and although Derek's voice resembles that of a cat being slowly slaughtered, they did a powerful set. I didn't pay much attention, and was standing up the back for most of it, but the lights and backdrops were really cool, they did an encore that went on for atleast 2 songs.
August 04, 2003  
I've spent the last 2 and a half days in another world. Not only in the substance way thats become all too familair to me, but I've spent quality time with my boyfriend, which is a rarity because he always seems to work on weekends... and being a baker, he has ridiculously early shifts.
I still haven't done any homework, but I'm thinking of making a log... like

how many smokes i've had today
how much alcohol have i had today
how much greasy food (inc. ALL maccas) i've had today
how much I've exercised today.
how much study i've done today
how much tv i've watched
how much time have i spent on the net
if i've wagged any classes lately.
facial routine
getting L's.

Oh how freaking tragic I am.
The one thing I am totally looking forward to which will fully make my week (and make up for the fact I have a maths test on the same day) is that I'm going to a gig. New Found Glory, For Amusement Only, and Sum 41. Sum 41 are headlining although NFG are the most rockingest pop emo band there is. I'm so happy I think I will cream myself. Seriously. Ok maybe not.
I went to a really crappy 18th the other day, my it was sad, but I got a whole bottle of bacardi out of it, plus a quarter of a bottle of 98% (Yes, thats ninety-eight percent) alcohol.
Oh sigh, the other day I was really smashed and came home from a party and wrote this on a friend's bands websites' guestbook:

Name: Rupert Engelstein
Sent: 00.52 - 27/7

Hello all. My name is Rupert Engelstein. I come from the Northen part of Sussex, almost Cessex, (central) in London.
I would like to take part in what you... err, 'aussies' call a 'gig' in which I do believe you stand around in funny oversized clothes bearing your underwear to watch untalented pompous dweebs like Copious jump around and make it seem like they have anything interesting to express in the field of music.

I also believe that it is a common thing to go drink *copious* (excuse the pun) amounts of alcahol before you attend these music events. Is any socialite going to the next major one? If not, then I give you my word that I will come to the next one. You just may recognise me, I will be wearing my brown clacks with the grey sweatervest. Oh also I will don my fake sideburns along with the standard gold tipped cane. But just incase I don't 'fit in' so to speak, I shall hit that Shaun Gange fellow over the head with a heavy blunt object and steal whatever it is that he is wearing as headwear at the time.

Well its almost 1:05 am, so I think I'll go to my bedroom and chortle with Jeeves about the day's happenings.
Tata youngens'


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