August 09, 2003  
The gig was last Wednesday, here's what I thought.

FAO put on a pretty rad show, but because the majority of the people there were 13 year old girls with ties and miniskirts, they didn't have any appreciation for anything they haven't heard on fox fm, so they weren't up front for FAO, which was good.
(by the way, i want to exterminate those girls).

everyone were merch whores, i've never seen so many ppl buy that much merch. i was gonna get a nfg girls jacket, but they had 2 stands and i went to one and they didn't have any left, so i went to the other and they had ONE left and i begged the girl to exchange it, but she didn't, and some blonde pink-wearing chick bought it. i wanted to exterminate her too.

NFG came on and played a really powerful set, including songs from 'nothing gold can stay" and from the self titled album, and alot from 'sticks and stones', all their most popular ones, so it was like a big sing along. Jordon and Ian were great... Ian's the fat guy. And he is so goddamn rad.

Pop, punk, whatever you want to call them, Sum 41 came on and although Derek's voice resembles that of a cat being slowly slaughtered, they did a powerful set. I didn't pay much attention, and was standing up the back for most of it, but the lights and backdrops were really cool, they did an encore that went on for atleast 2 songs.

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