August 04, 2003  
I've spent the last 2 and a half days in another world. Not only in the substance way thats become all too familair to me, but I've spent quality time with my boyfriend, which is a rarity because he always seems to work on weekends... and being a baker, he has ridiculously early shifts.
I still haven't done any homework, but I'm thinking of making a log... like

how many smokes i've had today
how much alcohol have i had today
how much greasy food (inc. ALL maccas) i've had today
how much I've exercised today.
how much study i've done today
how much tv i've watched
how much time have i spent on the net
if i've wagged any classes lately.
facial routine
getting L's.

Oh how freaking tragic I am.
The one thing I am totally looking forward to which will fully make my week (and make up for the fact I have a maths test on the same day) is that I'm going to a gig. New Found Glory, For Amusement Only, and Sum 41. Sum 41 are headlining although NFG are the most rockingest pop emo band there is. I'm so happy I think I will cream myself. Seriously. Ok maybe not.
I went to a really crappy 18th the other day, my it was sad, but I got a whole bottle of bacardi out of it, plus a quarter of a bottle of 98% (Yes, thats ninety-eight percent) alcohol.
Oh sigh, the other day I was really smashed and came home from a party and wrote this on a friend's bands websites' guestbook:

Name: Rupert Engelstein
Sent: 00.52 - 27/7

Hello all. My name is Rupert Engelstein. I come from the Northen part of Sussex, almost Cessex, (central) in London.
I would like to take part in what you... err, 'aussies' call a 'gig' in which I do believe you stand around in funny oversized clothes bearing your underwear to watch untalented pompous dweebs like Copious jump around and make it seem like they have anything interesting to express in the field of music.

I also believe that it is a common thing to go drink *copious* (excuse the pun) amounts of alcahol before you attend these music events. Is any socialite going to the next major one? If not, then I give you my word that I will come to the next one. You just may recognise me, I will be wearing my brown clacks with the grey sweatervest. Oh also I will don my fake sideburns along with the standard gold tipped cane. But just incase I don't 'fit in' so to speak, I shall hit that Shaun Gange fellow over the head with a heavy blunt object and steal whatever it is that he is wearing as headwear at the time.

Well its almost 1:05 am, so I think I'll go to my bedroom and chortle with Jeeves about the day's happenings.
Tata youngens'

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