August 25, 2003  
Oh I am in a silly mood.
Do you think it's mean to post on a dutch/netherlands (they're all the same to me!) band's website, a whole bunch of words that don't make sense?
Oh well.
My sister and I were feeling a bit retarded (again I go with the random insulting of people with downs syndrome) and it ended up me stabbing her constantly with the blunt end of a pen. Oh yes. Then she stole the pen off me so I started wacking her with a paperback book. Obviously I found a use for these so-called books.
Goddammit I have no idea how I am going to fit into the whole structured 'socially acceptable' normality when I hit university.

Also, musically, I think I'm getting sick of emo. Shock horror. It just makes me want to scream at the stereo "For god's sakes, go to the toilet and do your business already!"

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