August 18, 2003  
To ________,
I'm sorry.
But I can't continue this friendship. I keep getting screwed around.
I know we've known eachother for along time. But it really is time, to just let go. I hope you get back on track, and maintain a proper life.
I still can't stop shaking. Its like that time at ___'s.
I find it kinda funny, I find it kind of sad, I want to end up there again. In that situation, that hallucination. Either more serious, or shocking. I'm a drama queen. And I don't care anymore.
I know I'm just an ignorant 16 year old. But so are you. you JUST celebrated your 17th Birthday. I'm still surprised your alive. But the way things are going, you won't be for long. I hate being around you and your friends. Your not so bad, but you manipulate me into someone that I'm not.
Your friends are grimy lowdown good for nothing drug dealers and sluts.
Your friend tried to crack onto me. I wouldn't let him touch me. I repetitively told him that I have a boyfriend and I'm not willing to cheat on him. But he insisited. I refused. This got him angry. Surprise Surprise, the next day he ended up stealing my phone.
Maybe this is just karma.
But I don't want to see you in that situation again, and I'll be surprised If I ever actually want to see you again. I still care about you, as a friend though. And I hope you get better. I hope this is all just a phase.

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