September 08, 2003  
As I stared at the front porch in a Sunday night 5:28 sunset, it resembled a cracked house. A lifeless crappy old house with little maintenance
The brown gutter had a changing tone of old maroon, huge chunks being peeled back by sharp and jagged edges.
The walls, simply white and an eighties tone of wood structure, and all vegetation, including some in ancient dusty pots, had no colour or life to it anymore then a green of a basic foliage. Much different to other houses in the area, especially when we’re not very far at all from Brighton, the classiest, most astoundingly rich people only town of Melbourne. Brighton is possibly like this because it is the only suburb, reasonably close to the CBD, but not TOO close (to still have a suburban feel to it) and fronting a naturally beautiful beach and every front porch has beautifully maintained flowers, unlike its Jan-Brady like little sister, East Bentleigh and South Oakleigh.
It really made me think, if I did modern but cartoonish Aussie mambo-like art piece of this vision… in this same lighting and everything. It would be beautiful. I so should do that. Something to keep me occupied creatively. Plus I could start a folio of art, or practise painting, and reveal my own icon Australian suburbia images. (idea very much inspired by mambo 2001/2 summer catalogue.) If I ever get around to doing any of this.
Of course the photo of the porch leaves you thinking, whats the story inside?
Basic same as its structure. Been together for 15 years, under the same roof. Some issues we all had been through together. Cat getting nose cancer. Gran & Nanna dying, Someone very close to the familie’s alcoholism, various year 12’s. Various boyfriends, various girlfriends, various peers, various stories… had been told under this roof. However, we all differ in our ways. Like the oldest boy, he’s a textbook example of trendy but non-conformist elitist politically aware uni student… who I can see myself being very like when I hit uni, but I’ll probably be more of a hippie then a straight thinker. He’s been with his girlfriend for 2 years. Since then he’s been abit nicer and happier (He never had a girlfriend before this one)
He’s learnt many stories from his 1 and a half year job at IGA Ritchies. For god’s sake, he’s 19, and next week gets to go on a free trip to the Belgium beer gardens! What 19 year old boy would NOT want to go? Its free grog, and its classy. Still, he’s very narrowminded.
Second Oldest boy, the whiny typical emo kid “nobody likes me everybody hates me. I’ll never get a girlfriend boohoo” having to live up to the oldest, although by many standards, he beats the oldest, but academically and sporting achievements, which may seem geeky to the “What you see is what you get” dumb arse 70 something TER trendy, to the younger brother who got 96 point something in his TER, but seen as inferior to the oldest boy. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he ended up gay.
Then there’s me, the attention seeking little actress who must get her way. Supposedly. Then the youngest, the little flexible gymnast, gorgeous girl next door girl who everyones loves, because she is the baby. Mum is an overly anxious know-it-all bogan who can cry from laughter because of what the “baby” said.

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