September 29, 2003  
Yeah. this is the new shit right here, right here. More ramblings from the other computer.
Sorry about the lack of dates. All in the last 2 days though.

I just made a nice very chocolaty bowl of icecream, with choc-orange ice magic lavishly treated all over it... I'm gonna wait till it melts, hard chocolate with smooth runny cream. I like it like that, like fairly melted. Its just my preference.

Ahh its so weird, Stacey fully loves me. Maybe I'm just great compared to the last one, Jen 'Sway' wilson. Ah well, she's fucked up.
Yeah, I told Nathan today that I wanted a break. Not to break up, I totally adore him beyond anything, but I... I haven't been single this whole year, and there are a few interesting boys out there I wanna know better (W, B, D, and J)

I won't... W's not interested, B's got a girlfriend and D just 'wants a piece of ass' according to Julie. Same with J.

But I can dream, can't I?

I went to Will's tonight. It was pretty sweet, we watched Australian Idol and some charity swimming race with Ian Thorpe. It was a pretty good idea, good luck to them. (ROXIE)

Its so odd. Being stoned is all just a state of mind, this stuff doesn't do that much to us, but if we have self belief that we are, in fact stoned, then we're gonna play off that to the max. Like most of the time when I've written SWC entries, I really haven't been that gone. If I had smoked as much as I'd like to think, I'd be hurling over a toilet somewhere, spinning out and sweating to the max. I really can't take ecstasy or speed or any of that shit. That'd kill me, or send me psychotic, seriously. I am on the verge of drifting into a hopeless pit of psychosis and paranoia. I would be even more so, if on ectsasy. Can you imagine that? Wearing crazy clothes and being from a different world at a rave, or a Dandy Warhols/Blue Man Group double concert, that's what music would please me. COME ON NOW SUGAR!!! This is on my 'jazzy cd'. Anyway, popping a pill. Oh but its so chilling. The way I used to be into Trance... or cuz it makes you dance, put on Chicago or Moulin Rouge or something like that. That sorta music is AMAZING. I cannot get enough, and I think I have an abnormal fetish with that look, the corsets, the attitude and especially the fishnets. I love the fishnets. I have a pair of wide spread red fishnets full lengths from Route 66. The other day I bought a honeycomb thick black knee-high stockings with black stoppers (thick bits of material at top) But those have broken like ALREADY. Grrr. I should have k ept the receipt. That was crappy quality, I paid something like 8 bucks for it too. Goddamit. Atleast they had them at Target, they don't have them at many places. Oh how I love the Betty Page / Satine / Velma Kelly / Roxie Hart / Charity Valentine / Marylon Monroe look. Its amazing.

I'm too much into the whole lesbian thing, maybe I really am bi perhaps. Or I'm just trying to get attention while being a bit curious. I don't like the physical act, playing around with some other girls punana ain't cool, but the relationship is such a beautiful thing, and I have noticed that alot of true lesbians are really smart and opionated, a real turn if your into the other person being a dominatrix, like me. Hahahha, why am I saying this on a blog that anyone can read. Next thing you know I'll be having a porn cam and one of those cams showing her showers or those 24/7 nympho cams. Hahahahaa, or NOT.

I'm gonna go.

BYE KIDS!!!! (thanks, pat)

2 minutes later.

Ahh, just to get prepared for doing my homework comfortablly I turned the music off, took my bra off and put ben's big orange and blue Mossimo jumper and mismatching explorer socks... ofcourse with my old school tracky dags... They're newish, but I love em and I don't feel like a geek wearing them. They're wonderful, have to be one of my favorite clothing items I own, any Kilvington girl would say that. Almost as famous as Scotchpants... hahaha, school sports pants that are famous. WHAT THE?
Ok, now I really have to do some homework..

Errr I'm gonna put on American Beauty's Plastic Bag Theme (Jakatta - American Dream) THEN I'll do my political.. or maybe media.

You sound like Louis Burdett - The Whitlams

Very piano based jazzy upbeat song thats different to all the other Whitlams work. Based around Melbourne, with poetic twists ala Tim Freedman.
Its an amazing piece, with brass and that great stringy bass and the magnificent vocals of tim freedman, he really suits the band.

Its all about friends being completely wacked out and all the fun experiences with them, "Where would I go on holiday?" saying you don't wanna leave your friends. If your in Melbourne living it up celebrity styles you're having the best time of your life.

"stoned in a bookshop, sobre in a nightclub" - it really says something about Freedman, although I know what its like being stoned in odd situations and completely straight and bored in a nightclub/dance party.

Now I'm listening to the faint sounds of Grandpa's music, some oldies station. Although I occasionly recognise the music.

Yay I got it on my brothers laptop so it doesn't open TXT files with internet explorer, meaning I have to go to Notepad, THEN open it. Woop yeah

Ska Festival with RBF, Forces of Evil, Save Ferris, Royal Crown Revue ect... omg, skagasm.

haha Skagasm. I'm lying here in bed listening to a 'punk' cover of Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel... man they were odd, and the whole idea of the bachelor... age difference fuck!!! and its only 11:25 am... dude, i have till 4 o'clock to do what I want. I should probably study. But I know I probably won't. Well I'll atleast attempt it.

Very djish congos pearl jam intro. its like jungle style with a streak of rock guitar.

Its track 4 of Lovely, just after You sound like Louis Burdett - Whitlams. Definately Pearl Jam. getting tired. typing with one hand. its so slow to do it, I like to do it fast (hahaha, i'm doing it fast right now, goddamit and I iknow i can do faster then this too.)

Hmm I want Brad Mcleod to have a party so I can bum with him and tracey and hang out with Jonny Bellew, he's so funny.

Now I'm listening to a whole bunch of RHCP.. its a really fast intro, track 144. nice guitar riff. all aroudn the world we can make time, rompin anda stompin.
bout the muthafuckin... california

i know i know for sure
that life is beautiful around the world.

Its all about the RHCP boys being California boys at heart although the rest of the world is beautiful too. These guys are trippers.

It sickens me to see how the supposed image of rock and punk rock, and all alternative trends have become mainstream, now that the mainstream have run out of ideas. Fuck that. Today I saw the glossy cover of “total-girl magazine” Dolly, with the yellow and pink cover of a daytime TV star.

But flip to the back, and you shall be faced by a Maybelline ad, featuring the huge models the owners of the media MADE! And digitally altered it. But no, it clearly says “DIAMONDS ROCK!” and shows a picture of a party girl in ‘rock star’ clothes.
Goddamn hell, get some ideas Mainstream, don’t rip off the true people who don’t follow your pathetic way. And get off my turf, your making it look bad. Advertising is MY thing and I'm gonna change it to be better around the world and promote the confidence of people rather than crushing it. Its evil.

Natural funky perfume arty farty ads are pretty cool too. I really want to get into advertising. I should check the TER requirement for RMIT. Infact, I'll do that now.

Note to self, email blogger asking for help with archives, I can't get them.

all posh ladida.............. do you
want fries with that? -- idea of maccas catering a deb.

OMG embo im 15
now i can get into movies and get proper jobs

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