October 29, 2003  
Google Search: The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco
Reading this book right now.
Hmm, I'm supposed to be in a maths test, but I had a doctors appointment so I didn't go. You know who I really want to meet? A hippy nudist. And they can't be ugly either. How cool would a hippy nudist be? Get abit cold in winter though.
October 27, 2003  
Pfft. Its so retarded, last Friday I was in Political Studies, all hyperactive, and I went on a rant about how great Senator Bob Brown is and how much George Bush should just fuck off and not involve us in their evil schemes. Seriously though, and George Bush says "I just love free speech." when Bob Brown and Nelly Kettle got dragged out by the Royal Guards. And the American Council were allowed in parliament, but not the Australian council. Fucking idiots, WE'RE NOT YOUR COUNTRY!!! FUCK OFF BUSH!

Listening to Ban the Tube top by RBF
Listening to track 2 of Cheer Up by Reel Big Fish. I'm sto stoked!! it's gonna be so rad. maahhh i can't be fucked writing for my blog. i love noise. It made me fall in love with art and literature again.
October 21, 2003  
I've gone all 80's music crazy. For some strange unbeknown reason to me, its catchy and boppy... and... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?

I'm gonna go to Falls It's gonna be so mad! Reel Big Fish are playing
October 19, 2003  
ahahaha a bit of an oxy moron don't you think. One of my ex's trying to explain why its so much healthier to smoke cigarettes with a natural gum paper. rather then winfields etc.

Ah well, apparantly the Phillip Morris factory smells like tobacco. But I haven't smelt it. Its more burning tobacco that smells
October 17, 2003  
I don't remember writing that post below.

I want to publish my friend's comics.. he makes the funniest stick figure comics, they're rather grand.
October 14, 2003  
I heard this weird beeping sound behind the regular dialup. Weirdass. I don't feel anywhere near as bad as yesterday. I could barely move.



Magazine spread. Looks like little kid with basic family. 2 parents and a baby.

but the house is drawn like a mansion, and really articulately.

It can be for real estate, or home loans.

omg, the brady bunch are so out of it. i swear, thats not their generation. Where's the messed up hooker? (Marcia) Where's the acid dealing groovy guy? (Greg)
Where's the ugly suburban scrag? (Jan)
Where's the cute older brother of Bobbie? (Peter)
Who's the cute-as-a-button pigtailed princess? (Cindy).
Who's the cute latchkey boy? (Bobbie)
The ORIGINAL Brady Bunch. Oh I love those. I should buy a DVD set.

Also whats with the corruption of Bugs Bunnie? First you have a drunken stork pilot, who with red eyes looks stoned as well, wrapping up bugs as a child from the stork and gave it to big apes.
The Mother believes its her real baby so she loves it, and any time the boys in the family piss off Bugs, he screams and the mother hits them. It ends up Bugs lets to bash up the dad all day with a baseball bat. Where would they get a baseball bat from?
October 08, 2003  
the grey laptop hums on my lap as the disk drive lights up and makes funny sounds. its 10:37 pm, and I have just been studying for a comparism between The Taming of the Shrew and 10 things I hate about you.

I also have a practise political studies exam tommorow. I've studied abit... sorta. There's 4 different bits:
Parliament and the Executive
Voting and Elections
Foreign Policy

The only one I'm really not upto date with is Parliament and the Executive. Although I DO know that the Governor-General is like in charge of the executive. And I think parliament means senate... doesn't it? Oh god, I'm not going to do well.

I studied before, then read a bit of John Birmingham's Tasmanian Babe's Fiasco (sequal to He Died with a Felafel in his hand) I swear I love Birmingham's writing style. He's such a tripper honestly. Ok enough bloggging, I know its been short but I have to stay in study mode till I conk out fully.

Hmm more blogging. I did my political studies practise exam today!!! Now I can chill with much deserved bud and creative thinking, rather then the forumalised robotic way of thinking in a private girls school. Because thats the only way they know how to think.

I'm going to read the Australian Stoner Share-housing King himself, John Birmingham of "He Died with a felafel in his hand." This is the sequal, and by Birminghams great writing in his previous books, this is going to be a great movie. Will this have Grease 2 tackiness to it, or will it capture the Grease 1 classic. In a way "He died with a..." IS a classic. First movie made share housing drug welding satanic indie movies to the public. One of the first for a sydney author, let alone a stoner (The movie had very little mention of drugs... the characters light up spliffs every few minutes, as do in all his book and some of his stoner travelling with weirdo housemates in shared housing. Hadn't anyone thought this would be cool? More intimate than Big Brother, and 100 times better, but with surprising aussie accents and swearing."
I really do wish John Birmingham has a great and long career - he seems to genuinely represent the image of a great stoner indie kid writer. And he would be mirrored in the movie starring ***. so I'm looking forward to how this book goes.. I'll tell you when I'm done.

Even on the very first page describing the writers background, the second line says "He doesn't know how those drugs came to be in his shoe." It also mentions the sex driven youth thing: Coloumns in Playboy.. those coloumns can be goddamn hilarious.

write to nikki in batemans bay and retype the last few pages of Goon Cheap cask wine analysis' by drunk people. Last few pages of the tasmanian babes fiasco - john birmingham."

I wonder if John Birmingham ever went to university. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a 'natural' ever-poor stoner. Thats how I imagine the first would be if he is.. plus I think they have a bucket bong in it somewhere. And the fact that he's smoking ALL the time.

I wanna do some major research into John Birmingham. First author since Paul Jennings for me to be obsessed with. Also see Judith Lucy's biography....... from then to now, with both Birmingham and Lucy. That'll add abit of fun to my life won't it? I need to get a life.

I'm really getting interested in Buddhism.
I've just done heaps of study for Politics.
I'm all studied out, I did heaps yesterday and I also did part of a film comparism for 10 things I hate about you compared to Taming of the Shrew.

I am so buggered, and it really doesn't help that I'm in a depressive slump and have been for the last 2 or 3 days. Dad got the computer back, so I can do more blogging, but right now I'd rather sleep


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