October 14, 2003  
I heard this weird beeping sound behind the regular dialup. Weirdass. I don't feel anywhere near as bad as yesterday. I could barely move.



Magazine spread. Looks like little kid with basic family. 2 parents and a baby.

but the house is drawn like a mansion, and really articulately.

It can be for real estate, or home loans.

omg, the brady bunch are so out of it. i swear, thats not their generation. Where's the messed up hooker? (Marcia) Where's the acid dealing groovy guy? (Greg)
Where's the ugly suburban scrag? (Jan)
Where's the cute older brother of Bobbie? (Peter)
Who's the cute-as-a-button pigtailed princess? (Cindy).
Who's the cute latchkey boy? (Bobbie)
The ORIGINAL Brady Bunch. Oh I love those. I should buy a DVD set.

Also whats with the corruption of Bugs Bunnie? First you have a drunken stork pilot, who with red eyes looks stoned as well, wrapping up bugs as a child from the stork and gave it to big apes.
The Mother believes its her real baby so she loves it, and any time the boys in the family piss off Bugs, he screams and the mother hits them. It ends up Bugs lets to bash up the dad all day with a baseball bat. Where would they get a baseball bat from?

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