February 24, 2004  
Isn't it strange when someone you haven't heard from in ages just decides to randomly call. Not only have you not heard from them, but heard nothing about. Okay, Okay, I'll be abit more specific. Romantically, when you go out with someone and your not from the same social circle, and the only time you talk to anyone FROM the same social circle as them is when your with them. Then they just give you a call out of the blue after eight months or so, ask to meet up, and as soon as you say yes, immediately they take it as an invitation to restart the relationship, or atleast cop a root. When they're the one who dumped you and refused contact!
People suck. That reminds me of a shirt my brother had ages ago with a picture of aliens on it saying "Mean Earthlings Suck"
So true.
Maybe I'm not supposed to be from this world. It's getting to the stage where I can barely communicate with anybody at all, I just run out of conversation so quickly.
February 17, 2004  
Damn slumpiness. Its been a few days now, where I just don't have any energy to do anything. This will be a small post because... of the reason just given. School and family and work are all giving me the shits. I need a new something.. I don't know what though. A new element of something to live for in life. Well, If I can't find anything, there's always stamp collecting. Not really, although I used to do it. Now I just see it as a complete waste of time. But thats what the internet is isn't it? (P.S. No offence to stamp collectors, I'm sure theres alot of nice ones out there)
February 16, 2004  
My brother came home from thailand today, after going for six weeks. I really want to travel and see what its like up there, considering the furthest I've been from home was Sydney... or Hobart.
How utterly sad is that? Well, I'm only 17, so I'll have alot more time to travel once I've finished school, and If I don't get into my desired uni course... which currently I'm not even sure if I will want to go to uni at the end of this year. Anyway, he went to Thailand with his girlfriend after a month and a half, and all our family is putting all this pressure on them to marry. Well, not really.. my family's too laid back for that sort of thing, but personally I think they should. They got me some cool stuff, like a Paul Frank t-shirt, a handmade colorful bracelet from northern Thailand, and HUGE fishermans pants. You know how they're always baggy? Well these are like two big sacks on my legs. If I can find somewhere to put pictures on and link to them, I shall take photos and everyone shall see.... although I'm pretty sure I am the only person who visits my site.. just to see if there is comments, but there never is. Oh sigh.
February 15, 2004  
Dr. Zoidberg is quite the character. Tonight's Futurama was about Fry meeting a mermaid from the lost city of atlanta.. which apparantly hicksville in America. Damn localised jokes!
So far, my updating hasn't gone as well, as I don't believe in paying for an internet service like pictures, so I can't have any pictures.. damn you zoidy mc smellycheese
February 14, 2004  
Richard Ashcroft really does have the voice of an angel. I've had Human Condition for a while, but only been really tuning into it in the last few days. His vocals grab so much emotion, and the instrumentalism in ALL of his songs is breathtaking. Oh sigh. This is what I'm doing on my Valentine's Day, how sad.
February 10, 2004  
I'm starting to think that maybe I'm like that girl off Men in Black 2, who controls the weather without even realising it. Every time I get sha-titty about something it starts raining soon after. Or maybe I'm just crazy. I'm updating this blog abit, changing titles and stuff. Soon I'll make a real layout. Sometime in the not too distant future.

Seeing as I actually picked up a guitar today and was strumming for a few hours, I think I'm almost in that elite level of rockstar wannabe's. Me and my 2 chords, woop yeah.

I got into a fight with 2 of the siblings, abit bigger then usual, but of course as usual it was over the pettiest thing, (kate started checking my sms's, so I checked hers and she hit me). We were screaming at eachother when I decided to chill out and have a smoke. As soon as I lit up, my brother came in from the other side of the house, he must have a bionic nose or something, and told me to put it out or go outside. So, naturally, I ignored him to piss him off just abit more, which really riled him up and I blew smoke in his face (he's a non smoker, incase you brainiacs haven't figured it out)

Am I a bitch?
February 09, 2004  
I've come to realise that the way I feel about everything is because of my perception.

Enlightful huh? I've been thinking about that for a while but haven't been entirely sure how to express it... and I still don't think I did it very well.

I watched the movie Fargo and although the critics have raved that its the 'best movie of '96' personally I don't see what the big deal is. Its about some guy from Dakota who needs money so he organises her to be kidnapped by two complete strangers, one of them being Steve Buscemi, who is quite possibly the ugliest person in history.

The St. Kilda festival was on yesterday. The radio said about 300,000 people were expected to go, but it didn't seem like it, but then again:
a) We left at 4 o'clock
b) Most of the day we were at the beach anyway
c) It could have something to do with the 38 degree heat. NO-ONE was comfortable with that heat.
February 04, 2004  
yay! dad finally got another computer rather then just the pooy little laptop. its still pretty crap, only 56 kbs/s. *geek sniff*

Alot of my friends are really stoked about Dashboard Confessional coming out to Melbourne. But the thing is, I don't even think any of them are excited as much to see the whole band rather then seeing the original and the best emo kid Chris Carraba (formerly of Further Seems Forever). Oh sigh, Chris, what will you do next?

He kinda reminds me of a James Dean? Arrrr *drool*, James Dean, now there is an original hottie.

Today was great, I spent it half inebriated at the town hall, and I fell asleep, did stuff, went around the town, and got highly inspired (not) by some guy none of us knew crap on about how good we should do at school and self-motivational exercises. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if half the year level actually were asleep. But I remember I was sitting there, next to Ebony, the guy is the only one talking when she comes out with "I smell Chicken!" So I turned around to the back of the hall and I see Tomato sauce. "TOMATO SAUCE!" I yell, while everyone just kinda looked at me and me and Ebony did the high five.

Seriously, the high five is great. People should do it more often. Oh how I miss that high five.
February 03, 2004  
  1. Ignore:: me
  2. Death:: rap
  3. Missy:: Elliot
  4. Ballet:: dancer
  5. Guest:: hotel
  6. Campus:: school
  7. Lonely:: loser
  8. Company:: corporation
  9. Helicopter:: plane
  10. Sterile:: needle

unconcscious mutterings

Four days into the last year of school. Very shocking, although I'm still not liking it much, its exciting and all but I know I will hate it. Or maybe I'm overacting. But I have my official orientation tommorow, which should be a laugh at a town hall in one of the most prestigious suburbs in melbourne. And I'm going to be so fucking smashed. Oh the fun of it all. I hope no-one from school sees this. Actually I don't care, I'm really surprised as so much more people are smoking pot more and more then ever.


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