February 10, 2004  
I'm starting to think that maybe I'm like that girl off Men in Black 2, who controls the weather without even realising it. Every time I get sha-titty about something it starts raining soon after. Or maybe I'm just crazy. I'm updating this blog abit, changing titles and stuff. Soon I'll make a real layout. Sometime in the not too distant future.

Seeing as I actually picked up a guitar today and was strumming for a few hours, I think I'm almost in that elite level of rockstar wannabe's. Me and my 2 chords, woop yeah.

I got into a fight with 2 of the siblings, abit bigger then usual, but of course as usual it was over the pettiest thing, (kate started checking my sms's, so I checked hers and she hit me). We were screaming at eachother when I decided to chill out and have a smoke. As soon as I lit up, my brother came in from the other side of the house, he must have a bionic nose or something, and told me to put it out or go outside. So, naturally, I ignored him to piss him off just abit more, which really riled him up and I blew smoke in his face (he's a non smoker, incase you brainiacs haven't figured it out)

Am I a bitch?

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