February 24, 2004  
Isn't it strange when someone you haven't heard from in ages just decides to randomly call. Not only have you not heard from them, but heard nothing about. Okay, Okay, I'll be abit more specific. Romantically, when you go out with someone and your not from the same social circle, and the only time you talk to anyone FROM the same social circle as them is when your with them. Then they just give you a call out of the blue after eight months or so, ask to meet up, and as soon as you say yes, immediately they take it as an invitation to restart the relationship, or atleast cop a root. When they're the one who dumped you and refused contact!
People suck. That reminds me of a shirt my brother had ages ago with a picture of aliens on it saying "Mean Earthlings Suck"
So true.
Maybe I'm not supposed to be from this world. It's getting to the stage where I can barely communicate with anybody at all, I just run out of conversation so quickly.

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