February 04, 2004  
yay! dad finally got another computer rather then just the pooy little laptop. its still pretty crap, only 56 kbs/s. *geek sniff*

Alot of my friends are really stoked about Dashboard Confessional coming out to Melbourne. But the thing is, I don't even think any of them are excited as much to see the whole band rather then seeing the original and the best emo kid Chris Carraba (formerly of Further Seems Forever). Oh sigh, Chris, what will you do next?

He kinda reminds me of a James Dean? Arrrr *drool*, James Dean, now there is an original hottie.

Today was great, I spent it half inebriated at the town hall, and I fell asleep, did stuff, went around the town, and got highly inspired (not) by some guy none of us knew crap on about how good we should do at school and self-motivational exercises. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if half the year level actually were asleep. But I remember I was sitting there, next to Ebony, the guy is the only one talking when she comes out with "I smell Chicken!" So I turned around to the back of the hall and I see Tomato sauce. "TOMATO SAUCE!" I yell, while everyone just kinda looked at me and me and Ebony did the high five.

Seriously, the high five is great. People should do it more often. Oh how I miss that high five.

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