March 24, 2004  
Well I haven't written in here for quite a while... things are abit different. I'm back on my meds and I feel alot happier now :) My health is a bit fucked, as I am pretty sure that my lungs are the size of shrivelled walnuts. But thats in no part due to the cold I have and the constant smoking.
Dammit I think I'm going to have to start a bridget jones list like diary. Stop smoking. Stop craving.
I was planning on making a really big post, but I'm lazy and tired. I always am... no wonder why no-one goes to this blog. I'm an oddball.

Happyland is an awesome collaberation of Spiderbait and Regurgitator. Read up on them, they're cool
Download their stuff! I'm WHORING Happyland, baby.

I may post later. I have a full free day today except for 2 and a half hours of work at a bakery
March 14, 2004  
Well my family football team won the grand final of the wizard cup. Surely you would have heard about it... thats if you live in Melbourne. Sorry to be an old analytical farty rarty mother hubbard, but all football is an excuse for young males to let out their aggression onto other players. I can't even stand to partake in a 'family activity' about football that I won't get absolutely bored out of my skull. sigh. i swear i was adopted.
March 11, 2004  
some art is just weird. but shocking in the same way. like cosimo cavallaro's work. installations of a process of birth.
March 01, 2004  
"i know a pirate to, his name is korok and he is asian, he once was a slave but bosma whipped him into shape, he now serves peasents to rich people (the rich people eat the peasents and then they say BOSMA RULES) AND later on the dogs come and they die and then they bark BOSMA RULES and then the girls come and they are all like OMG THATS BOSMA HE RULES HE'S LIKE COOL HE'S THAT GUY THAT WEARS THE T-SHIRTS"

that is so funny

thanks to the pix forum oh man... so fucking comatosed right now.


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