April 30, 2004  
I really barely ever post on this blog anymore. Not because I don't have time, as anyone who would ever read this would know, I don't try at year 12, but I think I've lost all creativity at writing. I have to have some sort of purpose and just having a blank white screen infront of me doesn't really inspire me. Its like I can't write without a particular subject to talk about. I could do what the Psychology class do and just write whatever comes into my head, but theres people who sort of know me who might read this. Anyone who has so far is really quite pathetic as my ramblings don't often have any meaning behind it, (that I am aware of) and if anyone does find any meaning... please let me know. I don't think I expose myself to enough media which is ironic considering I want to work in the media and its going to be my main study for the rest of the year.

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