April 08, 2004  
I wrote this on the Sounds Like Chicken Forum:

The Saonce is bullshit, but I believe every person in the future should remember and still love Kurt Cobain.
Yes, I'm a total sap, but read up on him.... and his art. He had a really awesome talent for art when he was little and some relative of his put up his paintings in a gallery on the commerative day.

Courtney Love is a bit fucked up, but yeah, I respect her as a musician and the way she acts, in a way. Not that I endore drug use. But she's cut out for that kind of thing. She hasn't killed hersel yet, but ... yeah. Don't know where I'm going with that.

Abit psychotic ey? I went to the comedy festival last night, hoorah. It was quite fun, but I felt sick and vomited when i got home.

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