April 15, 2004  
Oh dear god, I should really be doing some all important year 12 stuff that is due in four days which I haven't started. Ha, I don't really intend on doing it, but I should. I went to a party down in Chelsea the other day.
The beach and the park are awesome, and I've never been chased by cops so when there's about 30 of us around a huge park and someone yelled cops and I screamed and I ran and it was great.
Ok, breathe.

Then we went to Chelsea Beach. Aka BONG BEACH. I didn't have any, but thats what it says at the station, and the way its written, it looks like its supposed to be there, like the government want it to be recognised that way or something. Anyway, I can't remember all that happened, but I broke into one of those beachouses through the roof and now I have scratches all down my arm. They look like I've taken a razor and gone nuts on my arms but it wasn't that, really! It was just drunken stupidity. Man, I really want a beachouse, they'd be cool as. The one we went into had two deck chairs and a doona. A big, double-bed sized doona. I was offered two lifts to go home, but I decided to socialise some more... which in turn ended up sleeping on the doona with this guy Ben who's a friend of a friend while the sun came up. Then this chelsea bogan came up and he was like "heeyyyy guys, wanna come for a smoke? you can sleep at my house maaaaaaaan."

he scared me. alot. so i packed up my shit and went home.

Well, thats my story.

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