June 30, 2004  

the tale of the angel vomit

Oh how its past my bed time. Still up, not as inebriated as I was before, but a few hours ago I was desperately trying to throw up. Beer, weed and chocolate pudding don't make a great mix in my stomach. Oh, and about 150 grams of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate. Just the memory makes me savour. And Lasagne, we also had Lasagne.

I can still remember myself hurling over the toilet bowl,... ps. hope your all enjoying my grotesque imagery kiddies! And then I was dry reaching. I couldn't look, strings of vomit were dangling across different facial apendages. I was a fucking mess. I almost lay down on the toilet seat, but then when I thought about how many asses would have been there, my now transparent judgement told me not to. Finally, I reached something.
I knew I could do it! Deep down, I wretched and this whity flaky liquid bits floated around the toilet... with fine liner thin strings of blue. I called it Angel vomit and despite my horrible state, felt the urge to get my camera and take a photo. Fuck I miss my camera. Oh well, time for random pictures

June 28, 2004  
The school holidays have ransacked my haven of peace. Damned Kids.
Normally I get freaked out by most people, maybe its the antisociality in me, but today I thought I'd be nice. I was sitting at my dad's work, conveniantly at a boring former footy ground. Seeing as its third term vacation, the crowd at the local shopping centre was fucking shit fuck shtuiopejlrekrejlwkw.ew.
Ya heard me. I just swore. Well, not really. Hahaha, It just came to me the irrelevancy of the music I'm listening to, that crappy "Push Up" song, the cover of the 80's version. Damn my brother only having one song on Kazaa, and myself for being too lazy to actually put a cd in. Sigh. Damn I wish I had a laptop in my room. I live in a seperate house to my parents, but mine isn't what I like to call 'self-contained. It is a shitty frudulent little weatherboard house, constantly smelling of smoke. No TV. No Computer. NO FOOD! Speaking of food, I ate the equivelant of three lunches today. I was absolutely buggered by the end of it, just wanted to fall asleep in the 50's diner, Happy Days.
Going out tonight, gonna be fun, one of my good mates has the place to herself for 2 weeks, fuck yehahah
June 24, 2004  

bling bla ba doo dah, a wong bam boop!

9 comments. Yay, thats alot! That must be a world record for me. I don't think I've ever had that much recognition! Someone even went to the trouble of adding me on MSN. And another person signed up to blogger just to post on my site. Isn't that nice? I'd better change it so all anonymous punters can go on and comment.

Only one day left of school, then its 2 term holidays for me. Oh what fun. I really should lay off the substances, I know. I'm supposed to be trying a new one tommorow, but my guilt is playing on my mind like a motherfucker. How far is too far? And what should I do about Year 12? Its my final year of school, and I know I can pass it with a good mark but I'm barely trying.
I think partially because I'm on the anti depressants, it makes me have an addictive personality, and therefore I'm always smoking something... Or something like that.

Can anyone give me links to any non-political commentary based blogs? No offence to anyone who is, but politics really isn't my thing. I did year 12 Political Studies last year and it just depresses and bores me so much. Its such a dry subject. I want a humourous blog.

YESSSS thats right anchovie man, the music woman is here to dry your flaps out with mongolian cattle skull.

June 21, 2004  
I've been blog whoring around the internet today, which is always fun, if you want random comments back from people who you don't even know, or particularly want to know. I bet I lost many spans of attention with saying that. I want to see the new Shrek movie but apparantly its completely over-rated and equivalent to Austen Powers 3.... which I actually thought was damn good. Best Austen powers chick ever has to be Heather Graham. I'm not gay, but what a piece of ass.

At school we're studying social values of the 60's and how they are translated into Star Trek. I swear, I have not seen funnier footage since Australia's funniest home videos. Considering that Star Trek was made over 40 years ago, I think its come along way to people who now consider Harry Potter and Lord Of the Rings as the new geekish trend. Well, not really new, but you get my gist.
June 20, 2004  
NGV -- Ian Potter Centre/Gallery thing: cool.
museum shop: very cool.
my love of pop culture and art: obsessive.
June 19, 2004  

forum politics.

This is a post I made a few days ago about the internet/real life social scenario.

Oh but wait, I thought it didn't mean anything to you and you laughed it off because apparantly nothing any 'mere mortal' could ever do would have any impact on you.
Besides, the way I treated you? Ahem, I may have thrown grog on you , but that was only after provoked. I did not hurl insults at you, I did not say or do anything before that night that would have constituted that I dislike you in anyway. The way you treat me, and many other people on this forum is totally uncalled for. You can have your "internet is a big joke" theory but it still is communication, and many of these people communicate in person.
Personally I have no problem with starting over again and pretending I've never talked to you before. But you wouldn't want that, so I won't bother. You just like to shit people. You'll go far in life like that.

hello, its a beautiful day

Last night I had to cater for a debutante ball. Too much moral debate. I knocked some chick over whiel dancing and then chopped up about a gram and smoked half of it with Liam. I swear, I have some of the funniest music in my library of several thousand.
Currently listening to Iko Iko by the Indigo Girls. This blog is smalll because I am currently finding it difficult to concentrate on what I'm saying, as there is a significant amount of THC flowing through my veins. Weekend!!! One week till mid term holidays! I'm going to have a fucking ripper of a time! Have fun to everyone going on holidays, and for those who aren't, Well suck shit!
June 16, 2004  
Whats with the huge debate between Google and yahoo? I'm so out of it, I just use hotmail, always have, always will. So much more junk doesn't get filtered through my yahoo account. Whats with silly non existant words becoming huge internet companies? I'm just waiting for a huge hullaballoo.com to take over google and yahoo. Maybe even a www.shabadaba.net or a www.scoobybubbaloo.org to come into place. I think I'll reserve those domain names now...
Year 12 complaint time:
Yes, I did come from a private school where they 'raised' us to do our work or whatever. Admittedly I wasn't the most tame kid there (Where's the surprise there) but I generally knuckled down occasionally, and learnt that the final year of school is important. However at my current school, I don't even know why 3/4 of the people are there. Every single SAC (fancy-pants term for test) I prepare for in the preceding nights, and for the third time in a row, some dumb bitch complains to the teacher that they're not ready to do it today, therefore postponing the whole class from actually completing it on time to go work on the stuff we're SUPPOSED to be working on. And damn Business Management. Such a crock of shit. I sit there while the teacher talks about how she's organising the formal and dress prices and how much all the girls should buy jewellery off her. Well damn her to hell if she thinks I'm going to spend lavishly on one night like that. Think of all the weed and alcohol I could buy with that money!
Really enjoying my new discman... I carry it eveywhere I go. Yay for Atrac3Plus! It is so awesome. I love making all my friends jealous with my meaningless little consumerist technology. Artist of the day goes to Radiohead. Reccomended song: either Pyramid Song, Talk Show Host or Everything in its right place.

And finally, a test result. The online variety:
You're a Spirograph!! You're pretty tripped out,
even though you've been known to be a bit
boring at times. You manage to serve your
purpose in life while expending hardly any
effort (and are probably stoned to the gills
all the while).

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

June 14, 2004  
Its the geekiness in me mixed with a huge serving of the little kid that never grows up. I purchased myself a beautiful shiny new discman, thanks to the kind folk of JB Hi-Fi. I've been attracted to that store like the little consumer whore I am since the days of those classic ads where someone just smashed a mallet into a yellow glass sign of JB. Here is the production description and a snap of the beauty. Damn I'm a little tech geek. But its great, minimalising cd usage and not conforming to the mini MD/mp3 technology. Although I wouldn't mind an Ipod that Pepsi are giving away every hour.

Well well well, The long weekend, I hope the Queen of England is enjoying her fake birthday. I think I speak on behalf of all lazy people when I say thank you for the extra public holiday! It is muchly appreciated.
June 09, 2004  
Respect is deserved to the wonderful Andy Kaufman. Although someones trying to pose as him I think its decent that there are still people who haven't forgotten true entertainers of our history. Now I know its desputable seeing as Andy was a mentally disturbed character from day one, but his entertainment career is comprehensive enough to make anyone think twice.

I'm getting really sick of internet forums being a means of bagging people anonymously. I know, its the internet, thats what its there for, but when you meet these people on semi-regular occasions, and you have no real basis for hatred, laughing at their expense and mocking them isn't the way to go. There should be a mutual respect among forumers that you don't go too personal in details when bagging people.

In other news, today is the 3 year non-anniversary of a relationship that didn't last. Reminiscence is a great thing, dontcha think? Ahhh the puppy love in a high school partnership. Also Today was the GAT.... the stupid General Achievement Test which does not account for anything towards your TER or anything worth a second glance. WHY?! WHY do they make you do it?
June 08, 2004  
The Truths of Teenage Masturbation. The story of a friend's confrontation with embarrassment. Haven't been on blogger for a while. I like the new layout of editing the blog, its a heap nicer. Think I'm gonna change the template. Just for the sheer hell of it. Unit 3 of year 12 is over, thank god, I'm now on my mid yearish break. Queen's Birthday Weekend next week, and I only have to go to school to do the GAT. Lately I've been rapidly developing iron strong bonds with people, its kind of scary but I guess its just a part of growing up and entering adulthood. How retarded did that sound?


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