June 24, 2004  

bling bla ba doo dah, a wong bam boop!

9 comments. Yay, thats alot! That must be a world record for me. I don't think I've ever had that much recognition! Someone even went to the trouble of adding me on MSN. And another person signed up to blogger just to post on my site. Isn't that nice? I'd better change it so all anonymous punters can go on and comment.

Only one day left of school, then its 2 term holidays for me. Oh what fun. I really should lay off the substances, I know. I'm supposed to be trying a new one tommorow, but my guilt is playing on my mind like a motherfucker. How far is too far? And what should I do about Year 12? Its my final year of school, and I know I can pass it with a good mark but I'm barely trying.
I think partially because I'm on the anti depressants, it makes me have an addictive personality, and therefore I'm always smoking something... Or something like that.

Can anyone give me links to any non-political commentary based blogs? No offence to anyone who is, but politics really isn't my thing. I did year 12 Political Studies last year and it just depresses and bores me so much. Its such a dry subject. I want a humourous blog.

YESSSS thats right anchovie man, the music woman is here to dry your flaps out with mongolian cattle skull.

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