June 19, 2004  

forum politics.

This is a post I made a few days ago about the internet/real life social scenario.

Oh but wait, I thought it didn't mean anything to you and you laughed it off because apparantly nothing any 'mere mortal' could ever do would have any impact on you.
Besides, the way I treated you? Ahem, I may have thrown grog on you , but that was only after provoked. I did not hurl insults at you, I did not say or do anything before that night that would have constituted that I dislike you in anyway. The way you treat me, and many other people on this forum is totally uncalled for. You can have your "internet is a big joke" theory but it still is communication, and many of these people communicate in person.
Personally I have no problem with starting over again and pretending I've never talked to you before. But you wouldn't want that, so I won't bother. You just like to shit people. You'll go far in life like that.

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