June 14, 2004  
Its the geekiness in me mixed with a huge serving of the little kid that never grows up. I purchased myself a beautiful shiny new discman, thanks to the kind folk of JB Hi-Fi. I've been attracted to that store like the little consumer whore I am since the days of those classic ads where someone just smashed a mallet into a yellow glass sign of JB. Here is the production description and a snap of the beauty. Damn I'm a little tech geek. But its great, minimalising cd usage and not conforming to the mini MD/mp3 technology. Although I wouldn't mind an Ipod that Pepsi are giving away every hour.

Well well well, The long weekend, I hope the Queen of England is enjoying her fake birthday. I think I speak on behalf of all lazy people when I say thank you for the extra public holiday! It is muchly appreciated.

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