June 21, 2004  
I've been blog whoring around the internet today, which is always fun, if you want random comments back from people who you don't even know, or particularly want to know. I bet I lost many spans of attention with saying that. I want to see the new Shrek movie but apparantly its completely over-rated and equivalent to Austen Powers 3.... which I actually thought was damn good. Best Austen powers chick ever has to be Heather Graham. I'm not gay, but what a piece of ass.

At school we're studying social values of the 60's and how they are translated into Star Trek. I swear, I have not seen funnier footage since Australia's funniest home videos. Considering that Star Trek was made over 40 years ago, I think its come along way to people who now consider Harry Potter and Lord Of the Rings as the new geekish trend. Well, not really new, but you get my gist.

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