June 09, 2004  
Respect is deserved to the wonderful Andy Kaufman. Although someones trying to pose as him I think its decent that there are still people who haven't forgotten true entertainers of our history. Now I know its desputable seeing as Andy was a mentally disturbed character from day one, but his entertainment career is comprehensive enough to make anyone think twice.

I'm getting really sick of internet forums being a means of bagging people anonymously. I know, its the internet, thats what its there for, but when you meet these people on semi-regular occasions, and you have no real basis for hatred, laughing at their expense and mocking them isn't the way to go. There should be a mutual respect among forumers that you don't go too personal in details when bagging people.

In other news, today is the 3 year non-anniversary of a relationship that didn't last. Reminiscence is a great thing, dontcha think? Ahhh the puppy love in a high school partnership. Also Today was the GAT.... the stupid General Achievement Test which does not account for anything towards your TER or anything worth a second glance. WHY?! WHY do they make you do it?

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