June 28, 2004  
The school holidays have ransacked my haven of peace. Damned Kids.
Normally I get freaked out by most people, maybe its the antisociality in me, but today I thought I'd be nice. I was sitting at my dad's work, conveniantly at a boring former footy ground. Seeing as its third term vacation, the crowd at the local shopping centre was fucking shit fuck shtuiopejlrekrejlwkw.ew.
Ya heard me. I just swore. Well, not really. Hahaha, It just came to me the irrelevancy of the music I'm listening to, that crappy "Push Up" song, the cover of the 80's version. Damn my brother only having one song on Kazaa, and myself for being too lazy to actually put a cd in. Sigh. Damn I wish I had a laptop in my room. I live in a seperate house to my parents, but mine isn't what I like to call 'self-contained. It is a shitty frudulent little weatherboard house, constantly smelling of smoke. No TV. No Computer. NO FOOD! Speaking of food, I ate the equivelant of three lunches today. I was absolutely buggered by the end of it, just wanted to fall asleep in the 50's diner, Happy Days.
Going out tonight, gonna be fun, one of my good mates has the place to herself for 2 weeks, fuck yehahah

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