June 30, 2004  

the tale of the angel vomit

Oh how its past my bed time. Still up, not as inebriated as I was before, but a few hours ago I was desperately trying to throw up. Beer, weed and chocolate pudding don't make a great mix in my stomach. Oh, and about 150 grams of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate. Just the memory makes me savour. And Lasagne, we also had Lasagne.

I can still remember myself hurling over the toilet bowl,... ps. hope your all enjoying my grotesque imagery kiddies! And then I was dry reaching. I couldn't look, strings of vomit were dangling across different facial apendages. I was a fucking mess. I almost lay down on the toilet seat, but then when I thought about how many asses would have been there, my now transparent judgement told me not to. Finally, I reached something.
I knew I could do it! Deep down, I wretched and this whity flaky liquid bits floated around the toilet... with fine liner thin strings of blue. I called it Angel vomit and despite my horrible state, felt the urge to get my camera and take a photo. Fuck I miss my camera. Oh well, time for random pictures

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