July 31, 2004  
Mr Cellophane should have been my name. Cuz you can walk right by me, something or other.
Quiet Saturday night at home... Chugged back a few woodstocks with my sister and her best mate while the boy went off to support one of his mate's bands.
I watched the classical, romantic, comedic tale of house of 1000 corpses. It was quite the alright. I can understand that their are some Rob Zombie junkies out there, and I would really like to see the sequal. It didn't help that the DVD kept fucking up, RIGHT at the good bit. Goddamn boyo I was mightily pissed off but I guess that shows the true blue greatness of the good ol' VHS video tape.
Now my sister is watching a dodgy bootleg filmed-from-the-cinema version of Finding Nemo. The graphics don't amuse me. Fucking pixelated fuckety fuck fucks. Those dodgy indonesians! I bet they deal crack to 8 year olds. Oh well, not my fault. The little dipshits probably deserve it.
In other news

July 28, 2004  

lets get retarded

Currently listening to the Black Eyed Peas smash hit.. really should find some time and money to invest in Elephunk.

My brother's black friend was over today. I know, I'm subtle. Anyway, we were talking and got onto the topic of race and nationality of course which bought me to tell him what happened today.
I'm sitting in business class and one of the hardcores was talking about how he can get cheap computers. I claimed it was because it was part of the black market... the black guy turned around and proclaimed a big loud "WHAT? BLACK MARKET?"
I looked at him calmly and said "Don't you know what a black market is? Its a niggermarket"

He told on me.
The teacher told him and everyone else not to listen to me.
Good advice.

July 26, 2004  
The standard post Weekend blog entry. I'm still tired, sitting here on a Monday after school while so much has seemed to happen.
I'm currently listening to Staind... and just as I said that, it finished and started on Mighty Bosstones. Here's an awesome little bit of street art I found on the net, through the links at livid

... and a funky button found somewhere.

I love my best mates. First, the boyfriend. He's just great.... he used to be paranoid and sometimes still is, (and he's E M O ! ). Speaking of emo, I found this nifty livejournal emo thing... its great:
  to the hardcore. But he's 5w33tc0r3 and he's mine. woot i just typed in leet. Haha... Yeah. Fucking lame...Anyway, Friday, I got incredibly munted at a few pubs  and munted alot. Hoorah for vomit. I am after all, vomity vomity Emma. But all in all it was a good night, and I polished off a mini bottle of bourban, half a mini bottle of vodka and quite a few bourbon and cokes.
Blargh. Being back at school, I realise I totally love my friends. They're awesomest ever. They all know how much they mean to me.
Can't be stuffed typing any more... myeh

July 22, 2004  

so much food

I'm supposed to be on this diet thingy that I made up for the next few weeks but I haven't been able to stick to it well. I'm eating alot more fruits and vegies and doing exercise.. but I've also been smoking alot more, partially as an appetite suppressant. In the last hour alone, I've eaten garden salad, a fillet of chicken, small bit of casserole and a cheese and tomato jaffell.. i'm so full, and so sleepy I just think I may die. Eventually. Hopefully not soon.

In other news, it seems that showtime is trying to brainwash me. And they're doing a damn good job.
Jonathan Lipnicki, the little cutie from such movies as "The Little Vampire", "Stuart Little" and "Little Mike" he's accomplished his fair share of fame. He's just cute as and doesn't seem to age. Ohhhh !!! Eternal youth! Lets all be freaks and live forever!!!

I want a mouse like Stuart Little. What a champ, he could like steal good things and you could make him do naughty stuff like.... I don't know, I haven't got that figured out just yet.

On a serious note, after talking to a friend today trying to help them out with their troubles I came to a realisation. I don't have one person who I can call my absolute best friend. They might read this, I don't know.  I have a few really close friends but not one person who I can confide in about everything, as well as be physically comfortable and content around them and with my body. I see that happening between two friends of mine, and I'll admit it does make me jealous of what they have, its so close. Its 7:41 pm and I'm really tired and I don't know why.

My job's pissing me off ... someone strategically placed the career part of the paper on my laundry.
Tact. Its all about the tact of this house.

And finally, here's a pretty picture of fire to keep anyone amused

July 19, 2004  


The formal is about 3 weeks away. And I'm shitting myself. I got my dress today but I have nothing else to go with it. A friend offered to do my hair and make up free of charge but its going to take a miracle for me to get some cash for other shit like nails, jewellery, shoes and bag.
Haha. I showed my Grandpa the dress, which is a red halter neck cocktail kneelength dress, and he reckons its too 'sexy' for a formal. I'm comfortable with it though because I know there will be sluts at my school dressed in even less. Fuuuck, last years one there was this girl who, I swear, was wearing a singlet.... a glammy sparkly singlet, but a singlet none the less. I didn't even originally want to go to this one and now I've gone all bop for it. Hoorah
The boy is being completely wonderful and lovable as per usual and surprised me with a visit on our 2 month anniversary with a big bunch of flowers. What a little sweetums cutey booty thing to do.

July 15, 2004  

Australian music on the popular channels

Vote for frenzal rhomba and support Australian music

A thread about it

the site is voting for fox vs frenzal rhomb because austereo play hardly any australian music.
its this huge debacle, jay from frenzal called up kyle and jackie o and its become huge... Austereo's probably the most popular radio network collective.
ausstero has lost 32% of its audience in melb because of nova
Yeah, its become a semi big issue between Frenzal Rhomb, Triple J, the general media, politics and Austereo. Its voting for Frenzal to tell them to play some aussie music if i want australian culture listen to triple j they mostly play aus stuff
but young children who don't know any better should be introduced and raised to Aussie music. Triple J's a subsidiary of the ABC.. Most stuff on ABC's radio collective has much higher Australian content. Sports, talkback, youth radio. The ABC
It really does piss me off. Because American culture is all well and good to them,. but its not for us

My friends response:

Yeah the ABC is the only media entity with any descent amount of australian I fully agree. so what tell me in more detail. I support some charitable things I value
yeah i get it ur not meant to fill out the pop up u just let it run I get it!

Me: PRECISELY!!!! You have it my child!

July 14, 2004  

misheard lyrics

in the last two days, my sister has mistaken the two famous song lyrics

Elton John - Tiny Dancer
"Hold Me closer, Tony Danza"

En Vogue - Don't let go
"Don't let go, we are the knights who don't say no"

hahhahahahahhaha LAME

fuck people

Maybe its because I have a cold.
Maybe its because I'm in the first week back of term.
Maybe its because I've taken 8 tablets in the last 9 hours.
Or possibly, and this is the most probable solution, its because in general people suck and are the worst species God created. Why couldn't I have been born a cat? Cats don't have any moral or social responsiblity. They do whatever the damn hell they please. Plus they're not completely smelly and ugly as dogs. No offence to dogs.

The formals coming up, in 3 weeks time. And I hate it already. Basically the story is, my circle of friends plus dates, which adds up to about 40 people are trying to organise tables. Well, actually one girl is organising tables and she's doing a goddamn hard job at it, as whatever happens, someones not going to be happy. She spent about three weeks organising the tables and finally we were all content with it. My table was perfect, I had fun people on it and everything.
Of course, that was until this girl from school we know cracks the shits because we haven't included her in our plans. Well, we just assumed that she was going to plan something with someone else considering she only ever hangs around with the group maybe once every 10 days. Its not that we don't like her, she's been a good friend to me but she goes and cracks the shits and everything has to be changed to suit her.
I wanted to sit with my three best mates from school. Now I can't, so she can get her way, when no-one else even particularly likes her besides two of my best mates.

So I was talking to her boyfriend today, and him being the little mindless sheep he is went and told her that I hated her. All I said to him was "Yeah, I wish I could sit on a table with Ebony, but if thats the way things work out, myeh" or something akin to those words. Then the girl has the nerve to send me an abusive message saying I can't have all 3 of my best mates. I realised that! And I accepted that

I have to wind this post up cuz my bro wants to use the net, but I'm also undergoing a huge guilt trip because another friend confided something in me, and I should have just stuck my big fat foot in my big fat mouth, but I didn't, and blurted it out to people in one of our classes together. I really hope he doesn't hate me for it, but I can understand why he would. I am the worst at saying inappropriate things at times.
July 09, 2004  

Stealing cars

My family must not have the best of luck with cars. Yesterday I walked around the front yard, as you do, and I noticed a sleeping teenage boy in the passenger seat of my brothers car. I stood there, coming up with all sorts of explanations, my favorite being that he was a carjacker with narcolepsy who had happened to fall asleep at the most unfortunate of moments. However, he looked up and stared at me.
What did I do? Stare right back. After a few minutes of staring I carefully retreated back into my house to tell my family what was going on.
It turns out that my Dad, who runs a football magazine was supposed to guide him as a work experience kid. The freaking kid had been sitting in the car for half an hour while Dad came inside the house and did his own thing!
So I did the courteous thing and invited the lad in for a cup of coffee
July 06, 2004  

World leader

Haha.. pot smoker. How the hell did it get that idea?

Somawo Cool photo gallery with baskets and whatnot

YenMag -- hungover A rather nice article to contemplate over

Noise Need I say more

Monster Children Cool artsy magazine
About fucking time. She's from my area too. I've been drunk on that beach

its 3:38 am and the computer is making funny sounds

i'm really in a perplexed mixed state right now.
as my sausage roll heats up in the baroness's oven. its hella good as two passed out ectsasy poppers lie side by side, coming down from their strenous high. Oww. they cry to me in pain, putting their heartburn on the line between life and death. that ever grey monumental fence stands taller then the berlin wall.
Random thought. Explanation may come soon.. or it shall forever be unknown.


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