July 15, 2004  

Australian music on the popular channels

Vote for frenzal rhomba and support Australian music

A thread about it

the site is voting for fox vs frenzal rhomb because austereo play hardly any australian music.
its this huge debacle, jay from frenzal called up kyle and jackie o and its become huge... Austereo's probably the most popular radio network collective.
ausstero has lost 32% of its audience in melb because of nova
Yeah, its become a semi big issue between Frenzal Rhomb, Triple J, the general media, politics and Austereo. Its voting for Frenzal to tell them to play some aussie music if i want australian culture listen to triple j they mostly play aus stuff
but young children who don't know any better should be introduced and raised to Aussie music. Triple J's a subsidiary of the ABC.. Most stuff on ABC's radio collective has much higher Australian content. Sports, talkback, youth radio. The ABC
It really does piss me off. Because American culture is all well and good to them,. but its not for us

My friends response:

Yeah the ABC is the only media entity with any descent amount of australian I fully agree. so what tell me in more detail. I support some charitable things I value
yeah i get it ur not meant to fill out the pop up u just let it run I get it!

Me: PRECISELY!!!! You have it my child!

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