July 19, 2004  


The formal is about 3 weeks away. And I'm shitting myself. I got my dress today but I have nothing else to go with it. A friend offered to do my hair and make up free of charge but its going to take a miracle for me to get some cash for other shit like nails, jewellery, shoes and bag.
Haha. I showed my Grandpa the dress, which is a red halter neck cocktail kneelength dress, and he reckons its too 'sexy' for a formal. I'm comfortable with it though because I know there will be sluts at my school dressed in even less. Fuuuck, last years one there was this girl who, I swear, was wearing a singlet.... a glammy sparkly singlet, but a singlet none the less. I didn't even originally want to go to this one and now I've gone all bop for it. Hoorah
The boy is being completely wonderful and lovable as per usual and surprised me with a visit on our 2 month anniversary with a big bunch of flowers. What a little sweetums cutey booty thing to do.

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